Memories Essay Topics

Haunting Memories of The Past

Frequently, without warning and for no reason people have ever been able to detect, the thoughts are invaded by some segment of the past. If the yesterdays drop like stones in the mind’s unfathomable waters, dropping ever deeper as they are shorn of the momentary buoyancy of the present, this periodic invasion seems to overturn… View Article

Happy or Sad Meeting with Memories

A prolonged, searching look down memory lane, in the form of a family photo album, could bring back feelings of utopia as well as pain. There have been deaths in the family, at least one significant death that has disturbed each one of us. And, yet, there is an exhilaration that is experienced as we… View Article

Childhood memories

The purpose of this essay it to analyze the childhood memories of both Judith Ortiz Cofer and Anwar Accawi past from their stories, the silent dancing and the telephone respectively, who both have complicated early childhood memories. Accawi’s childhood memories are about the changes that were brought by the telephone which led to people moving… View Article

Memories of My College Life

When I was younger and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always the same response, a Nurse. In fifth grade I broke my wrist on Thanksgiving Day. I was jumping on the bed and got pushed off and of course I had to immediately go to the… View Article

My Childhood Memories

It’s considered that childhood memory is special for everybody because it’s very personal. I can’t imagine my childhood without reminding the time that I’ve spent at our summer cottage. I can even say that it’s the most precious time in my life. It’s situated in half an hour from city by the most beautiful sea… View Article

My Best Memories

Through out my life, I have lived with many special memories, some painful, sad, wonderful and happy. However, of all the memories, only exquisite memories are worth mentioning over and over again. Some people may have experienced similar memories; however, it all depends on how the individual holds a particular memory that matters in this… View Article