Memorial Day

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Memorial Day, is a day of joy, a day of sorrow, that means many different things to many different people. Memorial Day is on every last Monday of May. Traditionally on a Monday the Kids will go to school and the parents go to work, but not on the last Monday in May, the school closes, the grills light, the beer cans flood the sidewalks like water during a category five hurricane. Or at least that’s how it use to be, now all of the stores are open, the pools opens, and how you really see what the day is about, the soldiers.

Memorial Day for me is all about soldiers and veterans. About four years ago I would always wait anxiously on every Sunday morning from a call from my dad, who was 3,000 miles away on a tiny new found country called Kosovo. Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembrance, but some people can’t even bare the thought of thinking about loosing their veteran, like me.

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Memorial Day was created to honor the soldiers of America, but now it is known for honoring the Memorial Day parade or sales event. Times and traditions have changed drastically, and so have the people of America. In conclusion even though we live in a free country our freedom is still not free.

What Memorial Day means to me. When I think of Memorial Day I think of the soldiers I think of the way that these heroes get out of bed each day, and walk to the battlefield to defend our country.

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Memorial Day is not just a day to respect our current and past veterans, but a day to remember the fallen veterans. Also I think of the heart of a soldier which is like the size of the Titanic, and twice as big, and the soul of a soldier which is free and peaceful. If only the world was free and peaceful. What Memorial Day means to me is the soul of America. Memorial Day is a day that represents no other country on except the United States of America.

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Memorial Day

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