Memoirs of a Geshia and Andrea Del Sarto Essay

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Memoirs of a Geshia and Andrea Del Sarto

The film adaptation of Memoirs of a Geshia faithfully depict the context in which it was taken. Woman are portaryed strong feminists in today’s society. Sayuri’s blue eyes symbolise the Japanese culture, as the element of water is often associated with adoption and change, as it can be both a relaxing and a desructive force. Sayuri’s growth from a young servant to one of the most sought after geshia in her district “water is a good guard against fire. Sayuri is portrayed as being a worthy protective for the equally formidable element of fire which can be associated with the beautiful but highly dangerous Hutsumomo.

Both “woman of fire” and the “girl of water” illustrate the dominance and power of women in today’s society. as both characters were associated with the element of earth, emphasising the power of women in today’s society as they have gained power over time. On the other hand, in Andrea del Sarto, Browning rejects the tendency rejects the tendancy of romantics to project all their desires onto a female object .

His dramatic monolouge in the poem is a variation on the theme of men processing women as objects, “You beatiful Lucrezia that are mine! ” reveals the artist’s desire to assert his male dominance over her female passivity. Browning showcases the role of women during the Victorian era and the time as men only refer to them as objects as they were only desired by men for their “perfect eyes… perfect mouth… “over time women have become more powerful as portrayed in Memoirs of a Geshia as the society has recognised and potential of women.

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