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Memo Accounting

As a current student of your Accounting 387 course I can agree with the implications of concern with exams and also agree that often exams do not necessarily reflect students abilities due to the time constraints as well as the stress and pressure that students are under during examination time. I feel that a take home exam is better assessment to evaluate student’s capabilities and knowledge of the subject but I would find it nieve of you to believe that classmates wouldn’t assist one another in completing the exam. I can honestly say that if faced with difficultly I completing my take home exam and my final grade depended heavily a pond it I would definitely consult with other classmates to get it done. Some decisions alternatives that could also be explored would be:

* To find extra assistant or guidance via the web
* Ask you or another accounting professor for assistant
* Use my intermediate accounting book

I don’t believe much would be at stake or electing these alternatives if conducted in a “proper” manner in which they help guide you but not to provide me with actual answers would do any harm. Although there is some questionable activity with using the Internet because it could probably provide you with actual answers so it would be at the students discretion on how they use they Internet to help them. I believe that the best decision of these alternatives would be to contact you and ask for assistant and this would be the most respectable approach.

I’m this situation I don’t feel that any of these alternatives I provide are objectable and I don’t think that you would find them to be either. At a “gut” level I would feel very comfortable in selecting these alternatives and also feel that my friends and family would also respect this decision. I personally would select the alternatives at first but if still face with difficulty I would consider consulting with others. It wouldn’t be my initial choice due to the fact that I wouldn’t feel completely trustworthy of others accuracy of work so I would want start with a more reliable source.

I conclude that students would more then likely not take the ethical approach in completely the take home exam. However I feel that there are ways to deter students from working together, one way would be to issue different copies with different figures and concepts, this way students wouldn’t be able to just copy answers but would have to understand concepts to apply to their own exams. I feel that RATs alone do enough damage to students grades so I feel that a take home exam is reasonable to give but a from the perspective of a faulty member it would be very foolish to conclude that students would do their own work.

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