Melodies of music Essay

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Melodies of music

A breath taking experience from my friend that really makes a history in his life was when he was in a relationship with a Muslim woman. All of us know that is prohibited for a Muslim woman to marry or have a relationship with Christians. At first everything is ok. For him she is the sunshine that brightens up his days. The radiant of her beauty make him feel that every glimpse of memories is worth treasuring. I guess everybody feels that to somebody they loved. Perhaps, when people feel in love, the risk and fear are of no value. They met in a theatre company where they both are member.

Both are members of the music ensemble. Perhaps that music interest served as their common ground for conversation. Every piece they played creates them a melody that binds their hearts. Well, that theatre company that they are into is based on school. In short that was just a part of their extra curricular activity. That place became their hangout in other words. Every end of a day they meet their not for anything else but for music. At first they were not friends. They do not often talk. They just look at each other and feel the melodies of music.

At that time none of them feel the magnetic reaction on the opposite sex. None of them feel attracted. The boy that time stopped from school and concentrated on his music career. After a month of national tour, the woman was scheduled to be the next one to be sent out for a performance. That was their first time to work together. They never had a work together before that instance. Days pass and seconds gone then the time come when they were to meet for rehearsals. Well, that place was the place of the woman; in short they are far from their school. On their first rehearsal together, everything seems so funny.

The woman, because it’s her first time to join the touring company on a show, became as cold as ice. Her lips speak these words in silent: “I am afraid”. Even then, things work together for good. Their eyes spark when they had an eye-to-eye contact. Well, for them that was just a work. No malice for short. Time passes so quickly that they never noticed that they become closer and closer not only in personal relationship but in their emotions as well. They did not notice the time that they wish those things and memories that passed to happen again. On their way to the hotel, the boy sits beside her as they rode on their vehicle.

The boy sang some friendship songs that made the woman to tears. He never noticed it. A time come when the begun to sleep on the woman’s shoulder. He never knew that it happened but because of the bonds that they have, no malice again. That was just a friends way of caring. On that night, they went to a park. Not alone but along with a friend. They cherish the moment together and had their picture taking under the shed of the moon. Sudden glimpse of yesterday popped up on the heart of the boy. As he looked at her at that time he sees a beautiful canvass of God’s creation.

She is a majestic creation of God; a proof of His existence and her hair shines and glow as the moon gives its light. As they pass along a garden the beauty of the woman defies the beauty of the colors of the roses. A flower walks on the pathway as the boy look at her in a distance for he was taking pictures on the girl. On their last night, they just sat on a sofa as the woman shares about her past. She has a best friend whom she feels in love with. Since she was away from him for about three years, she wants to meet him just to take a picture of the present.

As the conversation goes by, the boy offered the woman his phone for her to call her best friend. At first the woman refused to accept the offer of the boy but as the boy say these words: “Time passes once, we should think to do things that we wont regret and we must take this moment for this will only pass once”, the woman take the phone and call her best friend. As the boy look at her during her call, he felt happy for his friend. No money can buy the happiness that that phone call gives to her close friend. After the call the boy sent a message for the woman’s friends.

He asked them to have a last hour together along with her best friend. He did that just to make the woman happy. What a lovely night that was. Two little creatures of different that came from different lands meet for one reason but that reason gives them a chance to be together without thinking of their different. The girl lean on the boy’s shoulder and take a nap. Without knowing, that became the start for the boy to have different feelings for her. He thought of the instance what if they will fall in love with each other. He thinks for a reason for the world to accept them but he only arrives at the fact that they could never be together.

On her way back to school she live a message for the boy (the girl still have a class). Those messages that have tears give him the courage to pursue the unwanted feelings. The dent a message saying: “I have something to tell you when your boat starts to sail”. Time to sail and the boy sent these messages: “I never thought I’d feel this way. Those memories you’ve left makes me convince that I love you. It sounds unusual and untrue and you’d like to give me a reason, I do not know what to say. My heart says so and what I did it just telling you what it says”.

That was the start of their relationship. When the contract had ended, the boy when home and they met. They build their memories. They talk of the instances and what to do when time comes when the woman’s family will know their relationship. They prepared for it and had agreed that they will put it to end when that happens. Without any delays, after two months of good memories, the woman’s family knew their relationship. The girls tell the boy that the time comes. They knew it was to come but hey had no idea it was that soon. They did not say any words of good bye but their hearts knew what to do.

Their heart was crushed down and was torn into pieces. They had nothing to lean on but on each others’ heart. Then that was the start of their nightmare. Their hearts of roses sprout its thorns. Even as they stay as friends, they were covered by clouds. Beautiful scenery, a beautiful flower that was once glow withdrew it lusters. Until now, two years had passed, they still did not move on. Hidden feelings still exist. Despite of the clouds that cover, sunshine rise from a distant as their memories reveal their future. Language differs from place to place.

Even so, all people have their common interpretation of a word. In critical thinking, language plays a vital role. This will serve a medium to what words to say. The language serves as a tool to be used for a meaning to be imparted. In critical thinking, one must consider of the words to say in which the receiver of the message will fully understand the meaning of the words. For instance that the transmitter and the receiver differs in language and has no common words for it to be understand, the transmitter must consider to think of a gesture or action to communicate exactly the meaning.

Thus the language serves as a limiting reagent in critical thinking, not on the aspect of ideas but on the aspect of the ways to communicate. On the other hand, language does limit the expression of our thoughts. When the transmitter will use only pure words to express his thoughts, the language thus limits his expression; when this happen, a different interpretation might occur. A transmitter of the message should consider communicating on the different level of communication where not only words are used to express the thoughts but the use of the body language itself.

Even simple eye-to-eye contact will do. This is a big help in expressing ones thoughts or ideas. In persuasion, critical thinking will really help the receiver of the message to be persuaded. A person who thinks critically will be able to choose right words to say that will make the receiver understand his side. Also, in thinking critically, the person will not only consider the good sides but gives a hint on the bad side. In this manner the receiver will not feel bias on the statement. More of it, the transmitter or the persuader will give the good side on the situation.

Also, in critical thinking, the persuader will consider the uniqueness of the person he is dealing with. He will choose of the common ground to feel the empathy of his statements. In this manner, the receiver will feel that the person he is dealing really have a good intention for that matter. By all means, critical thinking really helps in persuading a person or delivering ones idea. Work cited: Language (2007). Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved May 4, 2007 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Language

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