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Nowadays, flourishing businesses may directly depend upon successful meetings. Meetings can only be powerful when employees are provided by a room where they can exchange ideas, notes, and information along with social networking. Therefore, the conference room is a place where workers can present their talents, abilities, and work. The honors may take full advantage of their worker’s hard work by designing a modern conference room.

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Accordingly, this report will discuss three main components of designing a modern conference room. In regard, effective components are an adjustment of lightning, choose the right audio-visual aids, and conference room style. The report ends with a conclusion and recommendation for a modern conference room.

Adjust the Lightening

Lightning is considered a significant point in the conference room. Proper lighting makes the attendants attentive and easy to see the monitors and screen clearly. As Sunlight is a natural source of lightning, we feel better in the presence of natural things like daylight. But in the case of glaringness, things become distracting and we have to adjust the lightning.

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(IACC, Predicting the Meeting Rooms and Spaces of the Future and Improving Meeting Dynamics 2019) Conducted surveys and studied that 56% of respondents prefer a clearer view of the screen and 46% of respondents go with daylight. Thus, we should follow some work

  • Choose that bulbs which emit less heat.
  • Wall color and lightening should complement each other.
  • An organic light emitting diode (OLED should be used.

Choose the Right Audio-Visual Aids

AV-Aid is a factor that plays a vital role in the modern conference room. It should be interesting and motivating. Audio-Visual (AV) aids should be situated at that position from where the audience can easily see and listen at just the right distance. As we are talking about a modern conference room, so some modern devices may be helpful for successful meetings such as the SMARTboard, Polycom conference phone, and digital visual presenters.

SMART Boards

SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard that allows a user to project an image and interact with it by writing on it with different colors and moving it around. It is used as a projection screen while connected to a computer and permits mouse functions using fingers only. Four persons can use it simultaneously. Special pens are also available with it. It can be connected with a printer to print a note for sharing with participants.

Polycom Conference Phone

Polycom conference phone is specially designed for conference rooms. It gives high-quality audio and the clearest sound from a 3600 microphone to every participant.

Digital Visual Presenter

Digital visual presenter is a modern version of overhead uses video camera instead of a Fresnel lens to project 3D objects or documents onto a screen.

Room Style

Conference room style facilitates a lot the group discussion and personal interaction. Organizing a conference room may require a great focus on room style. As per the study of (IACC, Predicting the Meeting Rooms and Spaces of the Future and Improving Meeting Dynamics 2017), 88% of meeting planners think that meeting room art has a motivational influence on delegates. We will consider three room styles these may be fruitful for business meetings are U-shape style, boardroom style, and banquet style.

U-shape Style

In this style, tables are placed in the formation of the English alphabet “U”. Chairs are placed around the table. It is a pretty suitable style for presentations, and video conferencing. A focal person stands in the center and easily communicate with the audience. It can be comfortable up to 25 people.

Boardroom Style

Unlike the U-shape style, boardroom style includes tables and seats on all sides. A rectangular or oval table (or a number of tables) is used for this setup. It is a classic room style and used by mostly top chief executives to discuss any agenda. It can also accommodate up to 25 people.

Banquet Style

Banquet style is built on many tables in a big room. Up to 8 chairs can be placed around a table. People can mingle among themselves, move freely and share their ideas. It can also be used for lunch purposes.


Consequently, the modern conference room is a key point in the progress of any business. Without proper adjustment of lightning, attendants may not put their concentration towards meeting. Modern AV-Aids may help all the employees to interact with each other and can also share their networking with the people around the globe. Lastly, the most important is a room style that may directly influence on the productivity of delegates.


I’ll recommend that modern conference rooms should be built in offices with modern AV-Aids, so employees can enjoy their work and explore more. Also, we should try to change the layout of the room from classical to modern by changing its setting and color.

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