Medicinal Testing on Animals Isn’t Acceptable

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50 to 100 million animals are killed each year due to animal testing. (Wright) Animal testing has been used to greatly improve medical research, but at what cost? (Festing) Congress should pass a law stating medicinal testing on animals to be illegal because medical schools have realized that it’s wrong, we have other methods, and it hurts animals.

Even medical schools have figured out that testing medicine on animals is wrong. Medical schools across the U.S have stopped using animals. This is mostly because of people protesting against them.

The majority of this protesting and influence was done by the Physicians Committee. The Physicians Committee was founded by Dr. Barnard, and was and activist group fighting against animal testing. Dr. Barnard founded the group because the medical school he attended had a “dog lab” where they injected healthy dogs with diseases, then, after a while of running tests, euthanized them. These tests were unavoidable, and since any students who chose not to participate would receive an F on that project, majorly affecting their grade just because they didn’t want to cause harm to an innocent animal.


Why should we test on animals, when we have other methods? Since computer technology has become highly advanced, and is used for a plethora (a wide range) of things already, scientists have created computer simulations that are far more accurate to the human body then animals. (Festing) Since we have more accurate simulations, why is animal testing still allowed?

Animals are forced to go through excruciating pain because of medicinal testing.

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Testing medicine on these animals causes them to go through pain that even people couldn’t bare. If people won’t even stand this amount of pain, then why should we inflict it upon animals? Many scientists justify this by stating that they give these animals anaesthetics to ease the pain. (Wright) The problem is that these anaesthetics had to be tested on other animals first, so it becomes a vicious cycle of testing to be allowed to keep testing. Another justification is that animals don’t feel pain the way we do, but all mammals have extremely similar pain receptors, so how is that reason viable? (Wright)

A reason that people think that animal testing is acceptable is because it has led to life saving medications. (George) This isn’t shouldn’t be a valid reason since we have simulations that are more accurate than an animal, and can actually simulate what the medicine does and what it’s supposed to do, rather than the hundreds of variables when testing on animals. (Animal) Just because we can test on animals, doesn’t mean we should. People have made medications that didn’t have to be tested on animals first. (Wright) Animal Testing isn’t required to make medicine. Many organizations have made medications using paid volunteers. Unlike humans, animals used for testing don’t have a choice in the matter.

In conclusion, animal testing isn’t required for medical research, nor is it required to make medications. It also causes immense amounts of pain on animals, just for the benefit of people. Overall, humans shouldn’t test medicine on animals unless the medication is specifically for animal use.

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