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Essay on Medicare

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Practiсe of Urinary Catheterization

Nyman, M., Gustafsson, M., Langius-Eklof, A., Johansson, J.-E., Norlin, R., & Hagberg, L. (2013). Intermittent versus indwelling urinary catheterisation in hip surgery patients: A randomised controlled trial with cost-effectiveness analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 50, 1589-1598. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2013.05.007 Wald, H., Allen, M., Bratzler, D., & Kramer, A. (2008). In...

Calabash Leaf

The preliminary phytochemical analysis will be done in Alabel National Science High School campus and Rotory Evaporation will be done in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Laboratory. Phytochemical analysis will be done in Alabel National Science High School Chemistry Laboratory and the antimicrobial assay will be done in the Environmental Conservation and Protection Center located at the Sarangan...

Advocacy and Public Policy Making

A toll-free telephone line to make information about Medicare Part D available. This approach could be very important in reaching individuals who don't read or are uncomfortable with written materials, or who don't use the Internet. This approach presents the challenge of staffing the phone with people who can provide accurate information, and publicizing the existence of this resource (NCHSD, 200...

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Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medication

This will be prescription and over-the-counter medication, and dietary or herbal products. Talk to your ( a) doctor before all medication is taken. Just by doing that, the mother can do no harm to the baby. So say, 10% of medication approved by U.S. Foods, and Drugs Adminustration(FDA) since 1980 have enough information to stop or for the reason of rick for birth defects. Make sure, if the mother...

Football Concussions

A person’s brain is the most important part of the body. It just makes sense to want to protect it as much as possible. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers football has on a player’s brain people may reconsider playing football. If the NFL is going to have a future, they must make their game safer. If people see less players effected by concussions on TV public perception of footba...

Antimicrobial Drugs

Ever since the discovery of penicillin in 1928, people have been utilizing this antibiotic to the utmost of their abilities. The rate of antibiotic discoveries has been phenomenal, but at the same time, different bacteria that undergo different mutations rapidly eclipse the rate of discovery for antibiotics. This puts pressure to find solutions to prevent the spread of renovating bacteria and con...

The Nursing Process

I had the opportunity to participate an assessment of a month old child. During this experience I was able to understand the doorway assessment I learned about in growth and development and it made more sense to me . I was able to take a set of vitals on this baby, weighed a diaper for the I&O and was shown how to assess the IV site on an infant. I realize how very important a quiet baby is du...

Germs: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Protozoa

When an infected mosquito bites a human, some of its saliva, which contains spores of the parasite, is injected into the bloodstream. Once inside the body, Plasmodium infects liver cells and then red blood cells. Plasmodium grows rapidly within the infected cells and eventually causes these cells to burst at intervals of 48 or 72 hours. When millions of parasite-filled red blood cells burst, they ...

On Death and Dying

Psychologists have used it to counsel individuals dealing with traumatic changes in their lives. Conclusion According to psychologists, it is important that any person undergoing these emotional changes do not force or rush the process. Just like Kubler-Ross, they believe that the grief process is personal and therefore it should neither be hurried nor lengthened based on an individual’s set opi...

Abraham Flexner

In 1912, a group of licensing boards created the Federation of State Medical Boards, which voluntarily agreed to base its accreditation policies on standards determined by the CME and Flexner's report. Consequently, the CME's decisions came to have "the force of law." I believe it is Flexner’s report that had made medical schools what they are today. Many medical schools still follow the sugges...

Pfizer: Biopharmaceutical Bompany

Overall, the branded pharmaceutical industry remains attractive with a 2012 profit margin expected to be 19.2% of sales, even while other strong-performing industries undergo slow or no growth (Snyder, 2012). Pfizer’s position within the competitive matrix is strong, with advantages in the ability to conceive and design through high R&D funding and a large sales force size, ability to financ...

Pros And Cons Of Pay For Performance

Another disadvantage is that employees may be inclined to perform work in which is gauged in consistency with their performance appraisal leaving the less rewarded jobs conditions unattended yet they are all equality important for the well being of patients (Young, & Conrad, 2007). Some of the pay for performance programs does not meet the intended purpose because not all employees are motivat...

Electronic-Based Medical Record

Paper charts that are outdated, that are deemed inactive or charts of patients who expired will have to be placed in boxes and put into storage (Hamilton, 2010). There are vast differences between paper-based and electronic medical record-keeping systems. One system is entirely manual while the other requires manual data entry combined with computerization. For decades, physicians and staff of med...

The Hippocratic Oath

This principle also protects doctors from litigation should the outcome not be satisfactory to the patient. By appending his or her signature, the will have confirmed his knowledge of the possible ramifications of the treatment to be carried out. The doctor hence will not be liable for any negligence if it is established that he did not misinform the patient and that the patient appended his or he...

Health Is The Most Important Part Of Life

We hope to gain a competitive advantage with this pricing strategy as clients are not required to pay any huge fee to the agency. They will be allowed to deal with the various agencies involved in their treatment, with our help in facilitating the right price. The multi-faceted source of our revenues means that no single individual is overcharged, yet our services are adequately paid for. Sales Es...

Surgical Alcohol

Used as a general cleanser. Also used as an antiseptic mouthwash. Only a weak antiseptic effect, due to hyperosmolality of the solution above 0.9%. Sodium hypochlorite Used in the past, diluted, neutralized and combined with boric acid in Dakin's solution. Calcium hypochlorite Used by Semmelweis, as "chlorinated lime", in his revolutionary efforts against childbed fever. Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3...

Burns Classification

The most serious burns involve all layers of the skin and cause permanent tissue damage. Fat, muscle and even bone may be affected. Areas may be charred black or appear dry and white. Difficulty inhaling and exhaling, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other toxic effects may occur if smoke inhalation accompanies the burn. For major burns, call 911 or emergency medical help. Until an emergency unit arr...

Licensed Practical Nurs and Registered Nurse

This accountability is first and foremost in upholding the principles a nurse represents. A nurse should constantly be asking themselves whether or not the care they are providing is exceeding the expectations of their patients and bestowing health advancement to preserve the patient’s health integrity. Moreover, a nurse must remain vigilant of the duty to themselves in the same regard by being ...

Old Folks Homes

The best place to live is the residence where is well known for aging people. They know where are the daily tools used for grooming. Any changes in their environment can have emotional reaction. They can be confused,unable to behave like before,having premature manifestations of dementia. The family of elderly parents,have to be aware about all physical and mental changes of the aging parents. An ...

Sterilization and Disinfection in the Operating Room

 Therefore, the dental medical doctor could consider other methods of sterilization that are accessible, besides steam, heat, and ETO. Sterilization methods that could be practical to oral implant instruments include electron-beam sterilization, sterilization filtration, ultraviolet x-ray irradiation, ionizing irradiation, and peracetic acid, which is the newest method of sterilization on hand to...

Cerebral Palsy

Following the initial observations, nursing problems were identified. To address the problems recognized, nursing care plans were made to guarantee holistic nursing interventions. The implementation of those plans was reserved to the remaining days of the exposure. Likewise, SOAPIE chartings were done to help test the behavioral outcomes or responses of the patient to interventions done. Then with...

Antimicrobial Effects of Cilantro

Incubate both nutrient agar plates at thirty seven degrees Celsius for at least forty eight hours. Results Cilantro did not display antimicrobial activity against S. epidermis and E. coli in our experiment. A clear zone where the cilantro juice drop was placed would be indicative of cilantro acting as an antibiotic because bacteria would be cleared from the area....

Achilles Tendon

Do not smoke or use other tobacco products. Smoking slows healing, because it decreases blood supply. Wear footwear that protects the tendon while it is healing. Quality athletic shoes that support your arches and cushion your heels can make a big difference in your daily comfort and the healing process. If needed, talk to your physical therapist about heel pads. A bandage that keeps your foot ...

The Systematic Approach Of Diagnosing

This assignment clearly defines a systematic approach of diagnosing Mr. John presented with non-specific chest pain. The diagnostic tests and investigation results were methodologically incorporated in determining the accuracy of disease status. Treatment measures provided focused on patient safety by ensuring close monitoring, symptom relief, and rectifying underlying cause guarantying upgraded s...

First degree burns

It is very important to know about burns because when treating them you have the knowledge to do it right. Now I am not saying, go ahead and become a doctor about it, but I am saying that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. You can differentiate the different types of burns leading you to know either to treat it yourself or seek medical attention. Having this information in the back of you ...


The big peak in the spectrum in the Appendix A was a fragment. The lower peak was expected 180 due to the molecular mass of pure aspirin was 180g/mol but it appeared 178. 9, which was a negative ion chromatography. So there had a loss of H+. In this experiment the purity of the product may due to some errors, such as product was not transferred completely from the boiling tube to the conical flask...

Alka-Seltzer tablets

However at higher temperatures the pattern will break down giving unreliable results and the trend in the graph will show this. Therefore the Alka - Seltzer tablet dropped into the hottest water may give unreliable results. 'As you can see from the graph, at 60°C the link breaks down, giving us a result that does not fit in with the general trend of results. This is not an anomalous result and th...

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