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Medical Transcription Service

Cybernation Infotech, Inc. based at Philadelphia (PA, USA) specializes in Medical Transcription Services to health care providers including but not limited to Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians and HMOs. We work and act as their trusted partners, taking good care of transcribing their dictations accurately and deliver them on time. The central ethos of the company is “Quality and accuracy delivered on time”.
At Cybernation we make smart and effective use of technology to simplify complex tasks and provide cost effective transcription solutions.

Being in this fast paced industry Cybernation understands the need to change, grow and evolve continuously. It is an ongoing endeavor at Cybernation to improve with each passing day and strive to achieve perfection.
While transcribing reports we adhere to and follow the norms prescribed in the “Book of Style” by the erstwhile and rechristened American Association of Medical Transcription. Cybernation has, over the years, gathered a wealth of experience in the medical transcription services industry.
Cybernation offers, as a part of its basic transcription service an extremely fast TAT (Turn Around Time) at no extra charge.

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All dictations recorded on our toll free digital dictation server till 11:00 pm EST are transcribed and delivered the next day morning. The transcripts are sent back to you by email and also hosted on an online archiving server. So you can have 24?7, on-line access to all your reports via our website. For those of our clients who use hand held digital recorders, they need to send us their audio files before the same deadline.

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Cybernation provides a client portal using which clients can manage their accounts from a single window, be it report downloads, audio file uploads, sending in feedback or corrections, checking your payment status by way of ledgers and maintaining credit card details on file so that payments get automated if you choose to, and a whole host of other features which you have always hoped and wished for.
It is very easy if you wish to verify our claims. Cybernation provides all new clients a 15 day free medical transcription service trial. Use the free trial to check us out first hand and experience the delight of using our transcription services.

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