Medical Technology profession

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1. Among the previous presidents of PAMET, who do you think has the greatest contribution in Medical Technology profession? Why do you believe so?

The first president, Mr. Charlemagne Tamondong, I believe has the best contribution in the field of Medical Technology. Mr. Tamondong has actually proven that without his achievements as the very first PAMET president, the association would never be as it is as now. He had worked for the medical technologist’s name to be accepted by the public.

I believe that he had done these accomplishments versus numerous obstacles. With his guts, he had actually made it. He had offered honor to the medical technologists.

One thing that also admired me of him was his success in working for the House Expense No. 7682. Mr. Tamondong had actually initiated the Republic Act No. 00557 that medical technologists depend upon previously. He is the root of all the accomplishments of all the PAMET presidents after him until now. And as a future Registered Medical Technologist, I have a terrific regard of all his works and achievements for the Medical Technology occupation.

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2. If you are going to become the PAMET President, how are you going to serve the organization? What is/are the issue/s you are going to fix? What are your plans? Answer: It would be a fantastic chance for me to become a PAMET President.

It sounds impossible to be achieved by me but when fate gives me the chance to be as a president, my plans would accord for the medical technology students and most especially for the registered medical technologists.

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Many students majoring the Medical Technology course wanted to achieve in the chosen fields in their respective schools. My plan for the students would be a workshop held in their school. This workshop would be participated by registered medical technologists who are also members of the association. This in result would inspire the students to pursue the course.

On the other side, I have visions for the registered medical technologists. There are many medical technology students nowadays. The most likely to happen after 2-3 years would be lack of job of many registered medical technologists. To prevent this to happen, I would be looking for funding for more laboratories to activate thus, aiding the loss of job opportunities of medical technologists and for faster and accurate results for the different laboratory tests.

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