Mediator Interview Report Essay

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Mediator Interview Report

A mediator controls the mediation process but does not have authority to decide the outcome for the parties (Barsky, 2007). The person interviewed works for an agency known as Nor Cal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Nor Cal Center for Deafness serves 50-100 cases per year for clients between the ages of 18-99. This agency is responsible for assistance with job seeking skills including application preparation, interview skills, and job placement. This individual works as an employment service specialist.

This individual’s day to day responsibilities include serving as a liaison between department of rehabilitation counselors and Nor Cal Center of Deafness. They also assess client’s careers goals; assist in job development, coaching and translation. They also provide reports to other agencies regarding progress, statistics, etc. This person acts as an advocate by educating employers on hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees, as well as breaking communication barriers. The services provided depend on each individual’s case. There is no model or template used, however each client is provided the skills needed for independent living.

Confidentiality is the key when providing services, but the service providers act as an advocate for the client and other agencies. Mediators for this agency remain impartial and maintain a neural position when it comes to a conflict a client may experience. The mediators have little to none limitations when providing services, they only have to stay in the scope of California laws and regulations. This individual decided to become an advocate after they faced a lifetime of trial in tribulations that come with being hearing impaired, this was the motivation this individual used to help the community and others in the same position.

Some complications this individual faces that they did not expect would arise are that clients can focus on personal issues rather than the services they are receiving. This individual wishes for better resources and educational programs to be available. However, this individual feels the pros outweigh the cons. They feel fortunate to be able to work amongst certain populations and different agencies around Northern California. Conclusion The individual interviewed is an advocate in the human service field for the hearing impaired.

The individual assists with helping other focus on their personal issues and also mediates for the services they want to receive. Mediation and advocacy is both an essential tool used by human service professional that are working on behalf of others with any form of disabilities. Although, mediation and advocacy can be challenging there are many that choose to pursue this path. References Barsky, A. E. (2007). Conflict resolution for the helping professions (2nd ed. ), Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning.

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