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Connecting to the World th rough Words and Photographs

Everything in t his world has a history . The beginning of how it is invented and how it became what it is today. Just like the magazine, it started with only words printed and being passed on but as the invention of photographs became prevalent, the use of words was put into the company of photographs in which marked the birth of the magazine. Magazine conventionally comprises of thought-provoking content that accompanies of attractive photographs to entice the readers. The content article s of a magazine are not difficult to read because it doesn’t have a particularized format of writing .

The magazine comes with a wide variety of content .

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It could be general information, entertainment, fashion, foods, sport s, cars, books , politics, lifestyles, and many more. Often times , aside from articles, the magazine contains an essay, poems and stories.

The magazine usually have fancy covers which made it look more appealing to readers. Every content of a magazine count, it covers important reads that covers certain discussion.

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A magazine used elaborated colors that fit its theme. One thing that is also noticeable is the use of infographics and the used of good -looking fonts that gives more vibes to the topic of an article. In reading an article of a magazine, most of the time it start s with powerful and attention-grabbing quotation regarding the topic of the article. The topics are consistent according to the classification of the magazine. It also provides a smooth and light reading of content .

Magazine have crucial specific function s in the society such as having close observation to the specific topic because the magazine has a particular discussion in one issue. It establishes es mutuality to different things that fall under the same type. It also offers general entertainment about celebrities , movies, television series and anything that offers amusements and leisure. It also gives us information and insights about latest and trendy consumer goods. For corporate mind people, magazine is a platform for market and advertisement where they have the opportunity to promote their products and services and offer innovation to it . In the perspective of the people who publicly support t an agenda or a certain cause, they used magazine to develop and stimulate their advocacy. Briefly, magazine purposely gives information and entertains as well as educate . With these, it also gives satisfaction to the interest of the readers. Magazine is more exact than any other publications . It bids specific topics that could catch the interest s of a particular group of people.

Image and photographs are the most important factors of a magazine. Each photograph tells a story. It provides proof to the things that existed but never get to know of. It reflects people, things, places, feelings and stories. It gives accuracy to the story told and connect an individual to the world. Photographs in a magazine are a substantial way to send forth a meaning as well as message to the readers and will give them idea to what the article or the magazine itself is all about .

In our digital age, publication of magazine is affected by modernization or digitization . Magazine can now be found in the internet. Publications have now websites and applications fo r access to their contents. Even their contents can be accessed by surfing the internet, it is still important that we give appreciation as well as recognition to physical magazine because it is proof of how magazine evolved throughout time. The convenience that the digital magazine can bring to a reader is really fascinating because an individual wouldn’t have to bring the physical magazine just to read. It can be read anywhere and anytime through the use of smartphones or laptops but there is one thing that physical magazine could bring to a reader that digital magazine cannot and it is the experience of reading it while holding it with your barehand s. Reading magazine is a great way to maintain a connection to different aspects of the world while being informed, educated and entertained.

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