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Media Driven Communities

No doubts that media and advanced technology are the roots of many progressions in science, economy, health information, and communications, the rapid and massive adoptions of these technologies create social changes that can be seen as positive or negative from different point of views. Sherry Turkle, for example wonders why to expect more from technology and less from others, she present the negative aspect of teenagers dependency on cell phones, on the opposite side Jane Magonigal suggest the positive impact of video games for teenagers in a becoming part of something bigger than their selves.

Ken Gillam and Shannon Wooden employ the movies to create a new version of male which is more about the community than personal gain, on the other hand kilbourne points on how the media and advertisement targeting women and encourage sexual abuse and violence against them. In this essay am going to highlight the emergence of media and the way they have indirectly melded and become a fundamental aspect of the communities.

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Sherry Turkle in her essay ‘Growing Up Tethered, ‘ has successfully highlights the concern about the young generation who are highly attached to their cell phones, and how are they desperately waiting for connection, she also reveals the extents into which they are willing to put themselves in risk in order to check their massages, in addition she wonders when it’s possible for young people to verbalize their feeling and reveal themselves, she implies that the media make it so hard for this generation to learn empathetic skills, and to think about their values.

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she adds that there is no doubt that excessive attachment to cell phones change the rules of engagement ‘ but technology, put in the service of always-on communication and telegraphic speed and brevity, has changed the rules of engagement with all of this'(Turkle, 430). Also she argues on how teenagers create virtual world to build identity on social media based on what they want to be, and not on who really they are, in which make them experience extra pressure and anxiety to sustained the identities created online compared to their offline lives.

Technology originally started as a useful means, to get information and making communications more efficient, Media throughout the years has changed the way families, friends and student interact with each other drastically, and has compromised the quality of face to face relationship, many teen ager spend long time scrolling through different social media platform because it’s simply give them feeling of comfort, media change the way we view people, and change the way individuals interact with each other, the more trendy social media get the more it will influence teenager abilities to socialize, and the more they share their lives the more will be judged by strangers.

While Turkle share her concern on how the new generation are attached to their cell phones and disconnect them from real world , McGonigal share her optimism on how to be part of virtual world can give gamers the feeling that they are part of something bigger than their selve ‘even it’s a virtual world we’ re leaving our mark on, we’re still learning what it feels like to be of service to a larger cause'(McGonigal, 454). McGonigal suggest that games generate many rewards every day like more satisfying work, better hope of success, stronger social connectivity and the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and when all of these reward met every day they will had the potentials to raise their own quality of life and enhance the people they care about.

According to my observation for my nephews who are playing videogames most of their times, I can say that video games can improve their mental capacity by improving their attention, it can teach them how to be persistent to reach their goals and in the same time they acquired a good value which is how to be team player and too many advantages, at the same time we shouldn’t ignore the negative side of video games like addiction and violence and too many other disadvantages, that’s why parents has to play a major role to make good use and maximize the benefits.

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