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Media Communications Feedback Essay

Essay Topic:

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Well, after a careful review of your plan, I noted the following issues. You need to address them before implementing the plan. The target population of your message is predominantly African-American women aged 20-49. The statistics you are using do not include other groups who could be a contributing factor to the high levels of infections and deaths. For instance, what are the figures for infected males in the community? For you to achieve better results, you should consider including men in your campaign.

At the same time, you did not identify the major causes of infection. Why, for instance, are other groups not affected? If the causes are related to socio-economic and cultural factors such as poverty and unemployment, then your goal would be to pressure service providers such as as Non-Governmental organizations and the government to address those issues. The age difference of your target group means that members could have different interests. Therefore, you should have specified different programs that appeals to each age group.

The T. V and radio stations you chose appeals mostly to the youth; what about those aged over forty? Similarly, the presenters you have in mind are not appropriate for this particular campaign. You need role models who could be a good example to the audience. In this regard, it is useful to involve community members who know how to relate with your target group (Galea et al, 2002, 297). Therefore, look for somebody who has been involved before in community projects, and not music celebrities: this category of people may have negative influences due to their lifestyles.

Your slogan will not achieve the desired behavioral changes. Texting and talking about HIV/Aids helps in networking: however, you need an approach that will change their lifestyles, such as through participation in education seminars. Your challenge, therefore, is to “market changes in behavior by using strategic communication” (Siegel and Doner, 2004, 42). How will you determine if you are achieving your goals? The Academy for Educational Development identifies evaluation as one aspect of determining whether stated goals are being realized (AED, 2010).

Thus, you should identify the instruments you will use to assess whether your target group is responding positively to the program. Consider conducting a survey after three months to collect data about their sexual activities. Lastly, I think you should conduct a primary research yourself before taking action. The data you got from the surveillance report should act as secondary information to guide your own research. In fact, a primary research is necessary when planning to implement any project. Nevertheless, your overall plan identifies a marginalized group that requires help.

However, to achieve the best results, have the best plan. Success. References Academy for Educational Development. (2007). Health Communication Partnership. Accessed May, 08, 2010 < http://www. globalhealthcommunication. org/projects/health_communication_partnership Doner M. , Siegel L. (2004). Marketing public health: strategies to promote social change. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning’ Galea, S. , et al. (2002). Access to resources for substance users in Harlem, New York City: Service provider and client perspectives. Journal for Health Education and Behavior. New York: Society for Public Health Education

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