Media and Objectivity Essay

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Media and Objectivity

Human rights activists should always be conscious that the media cannot afford to always be objective for fear of losing audience loyalty. Sensationalisation is a sure tool that the media uses as it seeks to make stories, news, features, and other production appear more appealing to audiences (Sloan & Mackay, 2007). Media-produced information should thus always be subjected to careful scrutiny to establish its authenticity.

Media people also have personal feelings that arouse various emotions in them with regard to various news stories and other productions. Further, unscrupulous media practitioners may allow the greed for personal gain to cloud their objectivity, thus accepting financial rewards in return for distorting information to make its appeal to audiences. It is thus very likely that many media personalities are overcome by subjectivity as they execute their duties. In turn, media information is subject to subjectivity, thus customizing objectivity.

It is thus possible that, with regard to the media, objectivity is usually greatly compromised, thus rendering media information unreliable or completely erroneous. Human rights activists should thus employ caution when handling and acting upon media derived information in order to avoid being ensnared into the subjectivity that usually characterizes media-derived information.

Reference Sloan, W. D. ; & Mackay, J. B. (2007). Media bias: Finding it, fixing it. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

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