Media Analysis on Simon Dalby’s Challenging Carboniferous Capitalism

The main idea revealed in Simon Dalby’s Challenging Carboniferous Industrialism is about capitalist economics. It mentioned the various problems and concerns associated with how capitalist economics work. The short article expressed the relevance of knowing the connection of the existing scenario of the environment to the various choices made in the political economy that could result in social modification. Describing the procedure of how capitalist economics works, one can see guaranteed manifestations of the inappropriate distribution of resources that is now likewise slowly diminishing regardless of the growing demand.

The scope of the issue is also adequately described making one able to picture a world that will later cause distraction if not provided due attention quickly. The short article considerably provided emphasis to the environmental issues and catastrophes resulted from political motion that is basing nominal figures of growth instead of comprehending nature and its function in every people’s lives. It is considerably linked to the concern of consumerism.

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The short article is putting forward what consumerism has actually done to our environment and to individuals that are economically or financially challenged.

It is magnifying on the inequality present due to the fact that of selfishness and greed. According to Anup Shah’s post Usage and Consumerism, the effects of consumerism both positive and negative are really substantial to all aspects of individuals’s lives and the world. He particularly mentioned the imbalance of the distribution of advantages to individuals. As a capitalist economy is fed by consumerism, both these concepts are seen together in the image.

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Dalby cited various developments in how ecologists today assert their cause in conserving mother Earth.

He likewise mentioned the nasty methods people try to fulfill with the growing demand for product requires both necessity and high-end, the advantage of reducing consumerism and seeing the worth of one’s action as it impacts everybody. In the whole, Dalby revealed abhorrence to the reality today that to impart the value of life to people one is to base their arguments to extremely technical matters as trading quotas and industrial requirements simply to make corporations understand that they are trying to damage the environment in making money.

The highlighted issue in Dalby’s article greatly pictures the situation of our times today, known and unknown to many. It is known because there have been many environmental catastrophes happening for the past ten years such as the hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Thailand, the storm Ondoy in the Philippines, and many others. But it is unknown still to many because people never see consumerism and a capitalist economic system are one of the culprits to these disasters. As mentioned, the Kyoto Protocol and other climate change negotiations have failed to encourage all nations to act on their part in saving mother Earth.

One of them was China which is now reported as the second largest economic power passing Japan (The New York Times, 16 Aug 2010). In the article, it was said that China “is reluctant to play a greater role in the debate over climate change or how to slow the growth of greenhouse gases,” though they are currently instilling an ambitious program to cut energy it uses on economic output by 20 percent by the end of 2010. This initiative is yet to be seen. The concept, capitalist economy as discussed in Challenging Carboniferous Capitalism is not really defining much of the top players in the issue which I believe is the capitalists.

It greatly centered on the effects of capitalist economy to what people value best in life—which is now more on materialism. Because of the author’s emphasis, he connected other concepts as consumerism and materialism to further his explanation. The point that is seen relevant starting with this concept is on how the policy making of government and institutions are influenced by capitalist economic system because the money is there and the capitalists are the ones seen in the spotlight when talking about a country’s economic standing. The concept can not put directly into account the individuals, which are the consumers that support it.

The question that one can raise in putting this concept affront in this article is that, why not directly mention the capitalists need to see the value of life rather than directing to the consumers? Bibliography http://finance. yahoo. com/news/China-Passes-Japan-as-nytimes-2766831302. html? x=0&. v=1 China passes Japan as second-largest economy, 2010. 16 Aug 2010. 16 Aug 2010. Shah, Anup. “Consumption and Consumerism. ” http://www. globalissues. org/issue/235/consumption-and-consumerism. Global issues, 03 September 2008. 16 August 2010,

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