Media Essay Topics

Watch Jack Neo’s Homerun

These two shows are very Singaporean. By this I mean that they contain many elements which are unique to my country, elements which only within the paradigm of our society will resonate with local viewers. Homerun, an Asian remake of the internationally acclaimed Iranian movie Children of Heaven is a movie directed by Jack Neo,… View Article

Modern public life

“Modern Public life could not exist or function properly without the Media” In this essay I will be discussing the above statement and arguing that without Media, modern public life could not exist. I will first explain some key terms to help in the argument including explaining the meaning of the term Public Life. According… View Article

What do you find irritating about a certain media text

A media text that I find quite irritating is the reality television programme “Big Brother”. This programme has become something of a phenomenon since it began in the Netherlands in 1999, spreading throughout various countries – normally a series or two each year. The show is based around a number of contestants who are isolated… View Article

The function of title sequences

Title sequences have a few various functions (such as attracting the audience), with many different ways of fulfilling these functions (such as the music used during the titles). These functions will be discussed in this essay. There are some general functions that would relate to most of the soap operas, which have been made. The… View Article

The sun’s coverage of the royal family

Examine the sun’s coverage of the royal family in the edition of Monday 10th November and Tuesday 11th November The sun is a tabloid newspaper, which is a national paper often grouped with The Daily Mirror, The People and News of the World. It’s slogan “Dedicated to the people of Britain”, suggests that it is… View Article

In what ways television affects

AIM: I propose to find out what children say about how television affects their play. Socialisation is a very important concept in sociology and the role of the mass media is highly debateable. Many sociologists believe that media effects start by setting out an overall relationship between media and its audience. They are often called… View Article

Pro-social effects of the media

One explanation of the pro-social effects of the media on behaviour comes from Bandura’s Social Learning Theory. Bandura’s research suggests that children learn through observing a behaviour, then later imitating it if the expectation of reward is high. For example the child needs to pay attention to a role model for example seeing a super… View Article

Media assignment

The article ‘Bad parents? Expel kids’ has three underlying psychological assumptions or issues. The first is that teachers are applying for new rules to allow them to expel pupils who have badly behaved parents; ‘Head teachers…demanded new laws to allow them to expel pupils whose parents are violent or abusive towards staff’ The teachers are wanting to… View Article

The media coverage

Write a team report explaining the nature of the crisis or problem. Discuss the media coverage, cite how the crisis or problem was handled by the person on the organization staff and critique the way the situation was handled by the media and the organization. Segregation between different ethic groups is common around the world…. View Article

Media portrayal of young people today

Adolescents- threat or asset to society? Discuss how media portrayal of young people today and in the past influences the concept of adolescence. This assessment will look at the various media that was used in the past and is used presently and consider the influence that it has on the perception of adolescence. Whether or… View Article

The media today

“Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime. ” Spoken by the killer behind the Montreal incident, a lawyer said he used video games to train himself for the incidents. This is the possible manifestation caused by computer game rated as safe for teens, then society is creating a violent generation. What we… View Article

Media Studies Comparative (Doctor Who)

How does the female character of Rose Tyler in Aliens of London (2005) compare to Romana in The Leisure Hive (1980)? Over the last twenty-five years the television series ‘Doctor Who’ (and others) have altered massively. Different styles of presenting television shows, the way actors act and the certain way the story flows ultimately means… View Article

My Graduation Speech

The Dominance of the Visigoth encompasses power, brevity and depth. The main focus of this speech is to inform the reader of the two existing kinds of people, those who are morally upright and those who are morally depreciated. Through this speech, the reader is able to obtain an idea regarding the good aspect of… View Article

Two Scenes From A Soap Opera Analysis

Analyze two scenes from a soap opera you are familiar with and show how they are typical of the genre. Soap Operas are one of the most popular genre on TV in Britain. Like all other types of genre there are stereotypes. Two of the most popular soaps are Coronation Street and Eastenders. Even though… View Article

Elections and Media

The most influential part of American society is the media. Because of it, people have been witness to numerous historical events such as inaugurations, assassinations, and acts of terrorism. We would not have been informed if it had not been for the excessive coverage from the television; however, at the same time, the television has… View Article