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Measures in place in my community for disaster response and Essay

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Scanning and storage of Facility Maps, and/or construction drawings in a secure and ideal online plan room, has been widely adopted. This is to ensure that emergency responders such as fire fighters have a quick access to such maps which help them during their evacuation of trapped subjects, and rescue mission. Legal enforcements have also been adopted by some authorities. For example, tall buildings are required to prepare emergency evacuation plans and submit them in digital forms to relevant authorities.

Awareness of highly effective technological facilities such as MSC Digital Post Office and intraNETIX has been sensitized to facilitate faster access to important documents such as Digital Flood maps stored online. (Serluco, 2008) What I can do as an individual to be better prepared. I will ensure that I always have links to important websites, e. g. interNETIX, where important facilities maps are stored. This will enable me to easily locate important exits from a facility which is necessary for helping evacuate people who might be trapped there-in and for my own safety too.

I will also consider taking a disaster preparedness course from an institution such as Emergency Management Institute. This will equip me with more lessons on disaster response and preparedness. Liaison with the Department of Homeland Security is also an important undertaking. They have tips on how to act on sighting a suspicious scenario, including reporting of such cases so that they be dealt with on time. SECTION B How I apply epidemiology in my profession It is useful in analyzing patterns of diseases and their possible causes.

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This will help me clearly understand their causes and possible connections with any form of bio-terrorism acts, e. g. spread of Anthrax. (Baylin . 2005) It can also be an important tool for comparison and contrast of disease patterns and frequency in a population. This is very important in gaining new knowledge of methods applied by the bio-terrorists. Challenges Most data related to epidemiology is relevant to medicine rather than my profession. This makes it very hard for me to effectively use the data from the epidemiological records for my profession.

SECTION C Impact of OSHA and NIOSH in me and my family’s way of life OSHA and NIOSH which were established by Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and put under the US Department of Labor and US Department of Health and Human Services respectively, have had some great impact in me and my family’s way of life. The cost we spend on medical care is significantly low. This is because ailments related to work injuries are much minimal; thanks to the standards which the two organizations ensure that the working places adhere to. (Department of Labor, 2008)

All the standards such as; possession of recommended Personal Protective Equipment, restricted exposure to certain levels of toxicity in substances, and conducting of training and employee education, is what I have seen as great and important measures towards our health, and even environment. Additionally, the regulations for the mining industries such as mine safety and health administration, regular chest X-rays on coal miners to detect pneucomoconiosis, and effectiveness of ultraviolet germicidal radiation to prevent Tuberculosis transmissions, are also important measure to ensure my health and that of my family is of high standard.

(CDC, 2002) Example A family member, who works with a mining industry, is paying medical cover premiums which are of the same range as those ones paid by a Sales Representative of a communication firm, unlike back in 1960s when insurance firms used to charge high premiums on miners. This clearly shows how OSHA and NIOSH make medical costs very low and equally affordable by all. SECTION D The Clean Air Act The Act was first established in 1955 as the Pollution Control Act before a series of modifications and amendments.

The Clean Air Act was passed in 1963 with the aim of controlling air pollution. It was the first federal legislation to which facilitated research into techniques which helped monitor and control air pollution. The Act was further modified in 1967 and enacted as Air Quality Act. This increased the federal governments’ to include the carrying out of ambient monitoring studies and inspection on stationery sources of pollution, and their possible controls. Clean Air Act of 1970 (1970 CAA) developed a legislation to curb emissions originating from stationery (industrial) and mobile sources.

Regulatory programs which were then initiated include; National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), State Implementation Plans (SIPs), New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), and National Emissions Stands for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs). This has successfully seen the Environmentally Friendly legislations be implemented and adhered to. In 1971, the National Policy Act was adopted and it implemented the various provisions of 1970 CAA. In 1990, the Clean Air Act of 1990 was passed, and is the Act currently in place. (EPA, 2008) Conclusion

Even though it has drawn mixed reactions in the Congress discussions, the Clean Air Act of 1990 has been very significant in providing environmentally sound solutions. The industries have been affected by provisions such as restriction on some emissions in compliance with NESHAPs’ requirements, and compliance with Acid Deposition Control. The Act has seen the US adopt important campaigns such as “Minimizing Your Driving Impact” which is often summarized as: avoid unnecessary driving, maintain your car properly, and drive your car wisely. Reference: 1.

Department of Labor, (2008) Laws and Regulations (Standards), Accessed on 15th Dec 2008, www. dol. gov 2. Baylin, A (2005), American Journal of Epidemiology (Practice of Epidemiology), Accessed on 14th Dec 2008, www. aje. oxfordjournals. org/current. dtl 3. CDC, (2002) About NIOSH, Accessed on 15th Dec 2008, www. cdc. gov/NIOSH 4. Serluco, P (2008), Emergency preparedness and Facility Planning (IDEAL. com Special Report), Accessed on 14th Dec 2008, www. homelanddefensejournal. com 5. EPA, (2008), History of the Clean Air Act, Accessed on 15th Dec 2008 www. epa. gov/air/caa/caa_history. html

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