Means End Chain Model Relating to Samsung Essay

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Means End Chain Model Relating to Samsung

Samsung Electronics Relating to the Means End Chain Model

Means End chain Model explores the connection between consumer and product through the construction of a simple associative network between concrete and abstract product attributes, functional and psychosocial consequences linked with product use and finally consumers’ instrumental and terminal values.

Product Attributes expresses the impressions or characteristics of a product or service. Concrete attributes refer to the physical characteristics. They have a tangible reality where the consumer can experience directly. Abstract Attributes are non material product characteristics that are intangible and cannot be experienced directly by the consumer.

When coming to a purchase decision of Samsung Electronics people first go for the impression, that is the concrete attributes like: Easy touch system
Simple and Lighter Products
Range of Versions

Then comes to the Abstract Attributes like:
User Friendly
Value for Money
After sale services

Consequences are outcomes or the benefits that the consumer can have when the product is purchased. Functional consequences are the tangible outcomes of a product that the consumers usually experience directly and immediately. Psychosocial consequences refer to the knowledge about the psychological and social outcomes of product use.

After the purchase of Samsung Electronics the consumer will experience that the product has the following features: Bright Color with realistic images
Good Quality
Easy to install

Then the consumer will experience the psychosocial consequences such as: Satisfaction
Moved out to the latest trends

Values are people’s broad life goals. They also involve the effects associated with such goals and needs. Instrumental Values are preferred modes of conduct or ways of behaving Terminal Values are preferred state of being or broad psychological status.

The instrumental values of a consumer after the purchase of Samsung Electronics are: Status
Standing out from a crowd
Good Choice

The instrumental values of a consumer after the purchase of Samsung Electronics are: Happiness
Peace in Mind because of the best selection

Means End Chain is a unique marketing technique to understand and deliver on consumer behavior. WHY? A simple question coupled with some intelligent probing can accomplish a pool of beneficial information that the marketers can use to target anywhere from an entire demographics or to a particular segment.

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