Meaning of Settings in The Story

As a writer setting is what engages the reader. As a writer you have to respect where the story is set in real at the time of your writing. “The real success lies in finding the right character to carry that story”(Joan Lingard). Setting is very important because it sets the mood and what’s going on during it the setting enguages the reader by how the setting creates mood it folds about how the rest of the story plays out.

I will be writing about how the the setting impacts mood and the story for the reader in three different passages.

The setting is very important because it can create the mood of the book. In the Great Gatsby the setting takes place in New York in the early 1920s on Long Island. The great gatsby engages the reader by Gatsby going through all this trouble and getting in trouble for this one woman it engages the reader to the movie also by showing these events The Great Gatsby starts out by Nick meeting Gatsby at a party and Gatsby talks to Nick about meeting this girl and her name is a Daisy.

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The author uses the setting and characters to engage the reader to make the book more interesting it also helps create the mood. The Great Gatsby is a good book all around it sucks in the reader as soon as you read the first chapter Our narrator Nick is a low class citizen but makes friends with Gatsby and goes through a chilling adventure with him through Gatsby’s mafia gang towards the end of the book daisy finds out what Gatsby been doing all those years and she left him then after that gatsby thinks about all he’s done and walks outside and somebody shoots him in the back.

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The author uses suspense in the great gatsby because he wants the reader to think about the book. Like what happens next what do you think will happen that’s why the gatsby is such a great book.

Another great book the author uses good setting is Into the Wild. Into the Wild is a book about a kid named Christopher Mccandless who is a son of two wealthy parents but he gives everything away and sets off to the Alaskan wilderness he does this to find out who he really is and maybe to test his survival skills Christopher meets a guy named ron in arizona who he gets attached to chris is like a son to ron and ron asks chris if he can adopted him and chris told him yes but when he gets back. But he never makes it back. The author made this movie and book for students to want to go to school to not be like Chris were you made it so far and just throw everything out and run off. The author uses the different states in his setting to view the different problems Chris had in each state to the journey to Alaska. It was hard the reason he faced these problems is because he was still a young boy he still didn’t know know what to do except make it to alaska he didn’t care how he got there as long as he gets there. When Chris gets to Alaska he sets off into the wilderness and he finds this bus and he makes it a homemade house then the unfortunate happens and he paasses away. The author used the whole setting of this book to capture the reader’s attention and make you feel synamental about chris at the end of the book and also feel synamental of ron also because he treated chris like his own son before he left.

In the setting of Jekyll and Hyde

In Jekyll and Hyde it takes place in the Victorian era in england. It engages the reader by showing the duality of Jekyll and Hyde that Jekyll turning into Hyde is a bad thing and mr utterson figures it all out and it is a big investigation in that time the movie also demonstrates this and all the events that happen. In all the books i’ve listed they all have a setting they have a purpose. The strange case of jekyll and hyde engages the reader by creating big investigation of jekyll turning into hyde. Why does jekyll turn into hyde jekyll’s best friend Mr. Utterson is a lawyer who writes dr. jekyll will for when he passes but what utterson didn’t know his Hydes name is on the will and Mr. Utterson wants to know why.

Then towards the end of the book Jekyll’s butler Mr. Poole, calls Mr. Utterson and asks him to come over he thinks Jekyll is sick or so. Mr. utterson goes over and assists poole and they go down the Dr. Jekyll’s lab and hears the awful cry so they bust open the door and find a body and it was Mr Hyde, and Utterson was happy to see him dead but he wanted to know where jekyll is and he looked in his safe and found a letter and it was jekyll’s farewell letter and Utterson read it and it was about how Jekyll is turning into hyde by drinking this potion and one day he couldn’t turn back to Jekyll and so he drank a poison to kill himself and he succeeded. When Mr hyde runs over the little girl in the beginning of the book He Opens a bank account with dr jekyll’s money but the account is in mr hyde’s name.

Then there was a problem with the potion he sends Poole to go get salt and he failed and Dr Jekyll kept getting sick and sicker and he ended up drinking poison. That’s how author uses setting he tries to bring in the reader to enjoy the book there reading nobody wants a boring book to read they want a exciting one so what’s why the author uses setting to set the mood for the whole book he wants you to enjoy what your reading The author also uses setting in a time sense like time of year the time of season. The author also elapsed time to set the story in a formative way. The Places you set your scenes adds tone and mood and language depending what place you decide to place your story in contributes to the language. The time period in your story also determines what kind of the Technology is being used.

The setting is the most important thing in a story it kind creates the plot for the story and characters You have to create a setting in every story you create because as he reader he wants to know where he action takes place if you don’t establish it then the reader will be lost and lose interest in the story. The setting is your context in which your story occurs The author also uses place like they would a character. Like since they give characters real voices uses the place your story sets in. Make the location come alive in a sense. You want the setting to change over time like if real events were happening. You also want to build individual elements like Time of year, Time of day, and climate. The time and setting determines the lives and what choices they make Like in the victorian era there life choices are based on what they want with their reputation.

Or the Into the wild book even though it takes place in Different states its a sentimental thing because Christopher has a hard time getting to alaska but he finally makes it gets happy even through the book ends sadly. In the great gatsby where it takes place is 1920s new york it’s happy but is senamentail. During the 20s the Gangster mobs is really becoming a thing and its growing. During the 20s Prohibition was active because woman complained that their husbands were coming home drunk or just drinking a lot. So the prohibition law passed making alcohol illegal but that didn’t stop anybody they created speakeasies witch is a underground bar to hide the alcohol from the cops.

There were 17,000 speakeasies in the 1920s and only 16,000 were destroyed. But in the great gatsby it demonstrates this by showing a scene in the movie It shows him talking to a group of people and they were mobsters part is his organization. The author also uses setting with the Weather the weather creates the mood and tone of your character. The author also uses setting to make the reader have a small or big connection about the story of what the author is trying to convey to the reader. The author uses the use of characters for setting to he makes you feel like you also have a connection with that character.

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