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Meaning of life Essay

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A man once said… “ A man once said to the universe: Sir do I exist However, replied the universe the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation”. The great Philosopher Stephen Crane explained his work in existentialism by writing this quote. Existentialism is the philosophy and cultural movement that holds the starting point of philosophy. Thinking must be the individual and experiences of the individual. The quote that Stephen crane wrote, talks about how just because he exist the universe isn’t going to change just because you only exist.

Your te one that has to give your life meaning. The philosophy of existentialism does not have a specific school or books. But it is a way of living your life as you want but still knowing what the consequences are. The most important human activity is decision making. Through our choices, we create our lives and become ourselves when you wake up every morning you think for yourself and make your own decision using your own thoughts and actions.

No one lives forever therefore make your time worthwhile enjoy your life how you like to live it don’t let anything or anyone make decision for you. Today’s living is much commercialized. It’s all around you and always trying to convince you to do what they want, and buy what they want. The movie “ Fight Cllub” is based off of the theory of existentialism. As the movie starts tyler durden is just going through the motions of living life. He keeps the same routine day in and day out. He goes to work.

He hates his boss. But never has the courage to stand up for him self he does whatever the boss tells him to without questioning her. Then he goes back to his apartment that he has identical to the ikea magazine. All of his furniture, carpets, cups, covers, and chairs exactly as the pictures on the ikea magazine. He’s sitting back letting the commercializing life take over him. He doesn’t know who he is. As the movie proceeds tyler durden starts getting fed up of how he’s been living life.

The moment that he himself blew up his apartment was because he wanted a whole new start and starts taking control of his life. This is where I believe he starts living the theory of existentialism. After he blows up his condo he moves to a old abanded house, and gets rid of al his commercialized material. All this came from fighting. When he fought in the “fight club” it wasn’t about winning or losing it was about letting yourself free. Fighting brought the men some indrenalum and for those minutes they fought they felt alive and forgot about all their problems.

In this society Living in today’s society you have to follow a certain set of rules just to fit into the “normal” people a lot of humans in this society just sit back and watch their lives go by in their movie tyler durden helps me understand that instead of us just being spectator and watching things through our TV and magazines we should go out and be participating members of what ever you would like to do. In the book “ the stranger” Meursault helped me understand the concept of existentialism. When Meursault’s mother dies. Meursault has to ask his boss for sometime off because his mother has died.

Meursault tells his boss sorry for taking the time off. This makes me think that he really didn’t care that his mom passed away he seen it as a set back to his usual life. “ Maman died. Or yesterday maybe I don’t know, I got a telegram from the home” when I read this it immediately gives me an impression of a lack of emotion towards the death of his mother. This lack of emotion shows the existentialist idea that we all die, it doesn’t matter what life we have while we are alive we simply exist, as Meursault did. As you keep reading the novel, You take notice that Meursault doesn’t like introducing himself with neighbors.

It seems to me as if Meursault simply acts to fill his time. He is a single man that has a lot of time to fill. And he finally starts figuring out that his weekends pass by particularly slowly. The way I started noticing is Meursault started to us short sentences to convey an atmosphere showing emotion and feelings. You could really take notice of this between page 21 and 24, at the end of chapter two, when Meursault is giving a very descriptive narrative of the life outside his window on a typical Sunday. He ends the chapter by saying “one more Sunday was over… nothing had changed”.

Throughout the entire book “the stranger” Meursault is a very laid back guy that doesn’t let many things effect his actions. He believes everyone is just here to fill in some spots. That there is no meaning in life. Since everyone will die. But at the end of the book he is put in front of death. And this is where all his emotion comes out. He now understands that he had been mistaken that he never had anyone close to him in his life. The natural human nature is to interact with other humans, and once he was put in front of death he wished people knew who he was.

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