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Meaning of Family

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (533 words)
Categories: Changing Family Values, Family, Family Values First And Foremost
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How to define the word family? Family in my opinion would have to include the group of people who are related to each other through special DNA past through a pool of genetics from generation to generation to come. Then you have individuals that meet people in life that form a bond. The bond creates a family unit because they share the same views, values, morals, and support each other without casting judgment on the way they chose to look or their life.

But what about those that need more than what society deems a “family”. With this I mean there are families that sometimes have personal issues that may cause separation, removal of a member of the family picture. As a child, you never would picture the people that gave life to you is currently not there. Aren’t the ones showing their love, giving protection, and caring for you daily.

When your family care is absent it can be heartbreaking and damaging for some’s emotional and social growth on life.

There can be other options for children to still grow up in a healthy environment with the support of the community, lawmakers, programs, and policy writers. Many of times these decisions or made through the courts by lawyers, policies, and judges. With the best interest of the children and families in place sometimes the placement can be short or long. These placements homes are called group homes for adolescents. Many of times when you hear of group homes for adolescents’ things such as troubled kids, teenage mothers, mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse. Would often be the reason for a child to be in such a setting, but that’s not the case for many children and families today. Group homes for today can offer children and families a better-quality way of depending on the needs individually. There are many concerns that are impacted by the families being supported in issues, laws, legislation, or programs.

One family concern within a child’s placement of a group home is their health. Health concerns can impact in both negative and positive ways for many. Working closely and providing support to family’s emotional support, economic well being, and overall health issue. There are medical coverages that policymakers ensure for children and families for primary health coverage. The first way policymakers try to ensure support is making sure there are no stress factors or conflict that would have negative effects on good health both mental /physical. Making sure that individuals can offer affordable health care along with social relationships. Stress like in so many families can bring on mental illness, disabilities, and even chronic health diseases.

An example of stress would be a failing marriage. A failing marriage can offset one to not be able to provide children with a stable yet healthy environment. Marriage should provide a family with a sense of well-being, protection, emotional, financial security. That’s not always the case for everyone abuse can show up rather its mental, emotional, or even physical. Not having emotional support from parents, friends, or others can play on one’s mental health. The policymakers try to look at the overall issues affecting families today to create positive dynamics in family health.

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