Meaning of Education Essay

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Meaning of Education

“Yep, that’s the last of it” my dad yelled as he slammed the trunk shut. Totes were piled up high and filled with clothes, shoes, and lots of old memories. After getting all settled in my new apartment my family and I said our goodbyes. This next chapter in my life was finally here. I was now a college student entering the real world. We all have our purposes for taking the next step in life and going to college. My purpose for attending college is to take a leap towards creating success and meaning in my life.

My family has been a giant influence on attending college. The day my older brother went off to college it was no surprise. It seems that moving on to college was the natural thing to do. For instance, graduating kindergarten and moving to the 1st grade is similar to graduating from high school and moving on to college. It’s just a chapter in life that our parents brought us up expecting to reach and we’ve been taught that it would be the right choice since elementary school. It’s what we grew up knowing we were supposed to do when we got to that point in life.

Ultimately, we were taught that this step would lead us to the success to building a more meaningful life. All in all, education is the key to success. Having an education opens many doors to amazing opportunities. Why waste time stuck in a slump when one can go out into the world and be someone, make a difference in this world, and have the pride to say that “I am successful”. With a college education, the amount of freedom is endless. There are many more careers to choose from and the ability to stand out from others increases your career success.

An education helps one develop a more meaningful life, that’s what I want to achieve. I want to make a difference in this world by not only my art but my everyday life. My goals are to one day be very well off financially, enabling me to support my future family and enjoy all the accomplishments and great opportunities life has to offer. Just on a walk to school, I get a glance of the harsh reality by seeing all the unfortunate civilians struggling to survive each day. For instance, an old man and his dog, hungry as can be, asking for money on the corner of the street.

This makes me realize that I am very grateful for what I have and that an education is what I must pursue to accomplish my goals and dreams. With all the love and support of my family and friends I have a great positive outlook on a college education. Having moved on to this next step in my life, I already feel as if I’m that much closer to reaching my goals. I can see how proud my family is as they watch me better my life and future. With all my past experiences, I now have a strong mentality to finish with pride and follow all my dreams. Overall, an education is the way to success and the key to many great opportunities.

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