Meaning from a Stylistic Point of View

In stylistics indicating presumes prime significance. Because significance is applied not just to words, word-combinations, sentences but also to the way of expression. At specific moment significance was left out from observation in language science because it was thought about an extra-linguistic category. The term “semantic invariant” was proposed as an alternative for significance by R. Jakobson. The main issue of significance which handles is the interrelation in between significance and concept, significance and sign, meaning and referent.

Contextual meaning is a significance considered as a classification which has the ability to get meanings enforced on the words by context.

In stylistics is essential discriminate shades and subtleties of significance, the components of which are called semes. Lexical meaning varies from grammatical significance. Lexical significance describes some concrete idea, phenomenon or thing of the unbiased reality (real or fictional). Grammatical significance refers to relations between words or buildings. It is likewise called “structural significance” Polysemanticism is a linguistic category.

We perceive meaning as a representation of a definite concept by ways of a word.

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But we specify that the very same principle might be expressed by different significances that belong to the same word. Words have polysemantic meaning (numerous lexical meanings). It becomes a crucial issue for stylistic research studies to observe the plethora of significance. Which is not restricted in the dictionaries and no matter how rich in implying a word may be leaves the door open for new shades and subtleties and even for independent meanings. Semiotics is the science that deals with the basic theory of signs.

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A sign is a material things (phenomenon, action) appearing in the procedure of cognition and interaction in the capability of a replacement of another item(s) and utilized for receiving, keeping, recasting and changing info about the item. The signs are used in a system which system is called a code. Sign’s standard, arbitrary character is among its most crucial functions. The language system follows a particular distinguishing characteristics and they are: after been developed it distributes for some period of time and it becomes resistant to replacements.

The definition of a word is a unit of language functioning within the sentence by its sounds or graphic form expresses some notion. Words are capable of enriching its semantic structure by acquiring new meanings, or also could losing old meanings. The very nature of the word causes a difficulty to be explained the semantic structure. In stylistics a word has almost no limit for acquiring new meanings, whereas in lexicology is restricted.

And here comes the issue well-known contradiction between the scientific (abstract) perception of a phenomenon and the secondary artistic perception of the same phenomenon. Max Born, a physicist, has it somewhat differently : “The representatives of one group do not want to reject or to sacrifice the idea of the absolute and therefore remain faithful to everything subjective. They create a picture of the world which is not the result of a systemic method, but of the unexplained activity of religious, artistic or poetic expressions of other people.

Here reign religious zeal, aspirations to brotherhood, and often fanaticism, intolerance and the suppression of intellect…The representatives of opposing group, on the contrary, reject the idea of the absolute. They discover frequently with horror that inner feeling cannot be expressed in comprehensible forms. ” Adjectives are more abstract in meaning than nouns. Adverbs are considered to be more abstract than adjectives. Conjunctions and prepositions got higher degree of abstractness. Meanings could be divided into three types: logical, emotive and nominal.

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