What does it mean to Act like a Man in our society?

Could the real man please stand up? A real man doesn’t exist. That is a quote that is heard a lot. What is a real man? What do we understand by how to act like a man? What do we expect of a real man? For many people the ideal man should be rich, takes care of his family, not showing his emotions or should he?

In the first place women imagine and talk a lot about their ideal man.

He should be smart, handsome, caring, emotional or do we want a man who is cool, strong etc.

Who can resist an ideal man or should we be happy with only a couple of characteristics of this ideal man? A real man doesn’t cry, doesn’t moan, doesn’t complain, doesn’t get sick, and doesn’t need to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. A real man bares all women’s problems.

To act like a man contains to be a strong person, leader, to be a role model.

The tendency is that the media has great influence on women. Women are always looking for the person that suits the best to women. The media plays a big role on how men are being seen. They used to be seen as wage earner while now it is normal that a woman takes this over. Men are being forced as it were from being strong, cool, wage earner and now to be tender, taking care, protective, sweet.

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In the second place emancipated women want on one hand a man with a gentle character and he needs to be good-looking. On the other hand he shouldn’t be a wimp.

Men have to understand women. They have to show their emancipation.

Nowadays they don’t know what the ideal man is but they do know what it should be of today. The ideal man: doesn’t need his mother anymore, is independent, earns his own money, can think for himself and has got his own vision.

Lastly, people say that there is talk of feminism. We just started with the emancipation. They also speak of an experiment that is going on now for years. Men and women were in shackles which have been made up by both sexes.

The tendency is now that both sexes will experiment with other standards and values for example: men pick up their child at day nursery.

A real man doesn’t exist. The media has proved their influence through the years as a movement came up. Men should fulfil women’s ideas. They aren’t any longer a separate sex but men’s right is equal to women’s.

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