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McDonalds use to help their employees Essay

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Staff are expensive and in McDonalds need to obtain permission to recruit a new member of staff. If McDonalds is struggling, they may also need agreement to replace someone who is leaving. Normally therefore there is a specific procedure managers must follow before the recruitment process can be started. Agree the Job Description The job being advertised may be new, in which case a job description needs to be devised. Even if someone is being replaced, it is useful to update the job description in case any task or duties have changed, Example of a Job Description

Department : Marketing Job Title: Marketing Assistant Hours of work: 38 per week, normally 9am-5 45pm Monday-Friday with one hour lunch, but some flexibility required Salary scale: 12000-i?? 14000 Responsible to: Marketing Manager Responsible for: Not applicable Job purpose: to provide general support for the marketing team, to prepare marketing materials, to keep the website up to date and monitor online responses.

The type of interview will depend on the job.

a basic one stage interview is usual for manual or junior vacancies in McDonalds.

A two stage interview in McDonalds would involve a panel of interviewers used for senior or high skill vacancies. Some interviews will include basic tests of aptitude or specific skills such as keyboarding or numeracy All interviewers in McDonalds should be trained so they know how to question candidates skilfully and fairly. They should know how to spot gaps on application forms, understand how to follow up inadequate answers and have the skills to encourage shy or reserved candidates to do their best. They must also be clear on all the laws e. g. sex discrimination, health and safety etc.

They should also be able to be fair, ths involves same questions and discussions. Making an offer Once a person has been selected McDonalds makes a formal job offer. The other candidates are normally not contacted at this stage, in case the first choice refuses because then a offer can be given to the second best. Only after the offer is accepted 100% the other applicants are told they have been unsuccessful. McDonalds know that waiting for news is agonising for candidates they speed things up contacting candidates by phone so that the remaining letters can be sent quickly. Training

The reason why McDonalds train there employees is to make sure there employees are learning knowledge and skills which can be used in employment. Training can be split into two parts On the job training This means that the employee is trained in the McDonalds. Many people enjoy this as it gibes them experience and enable them to do their job properly. Off the job training This means attending course elsewhere such as colleges or a training centre away for McDonalds. Skills Training Training is about gaining more skills Non transferable skills These are skills that are specific to the job held. They may be of little use in another job.

E. g. training to make burgers in the restaurant provides the employee with a non transferable skill. This is not a problem unless they look for a new job, get made redundant, or skill becomes out of date. This is where McDonalds allocating people extra tasks in their jobs gives management a better idea of an employee’s true ability and determination. Job enrichment Where McDonalds add more interest and more difficult tasks to the job. This is done with an employee with promising potential to see just how capable the person really is. Understudying An employee is attached to a very senior manager to act as an assistant.

Shadowing This is where in McDonalds an employee spends more time each week with a manager to learn what they do and to get a better idea of what problems they deal with. It is used in McDonalds to adapt a employee rapidly into a top job. Mentoring This is used in McDonalds a lot; it is where a senior manager passes on the benefits of his or her experience and wisdom to a younger employee. Project work Giving a promising employee a specific investigative project enables them to get appropriate many aspects of McDonalds and it enables them to get to know senior management.

National Awards McDonalds are very keen to train and develop their employees. The government encourages McDonalds to invest time and money to be able to do this. Employees can achieve NVQ’s (National Vocational Qualifications. National training awards McDonalds and their employees can be granted National training awards for achieving excellence and success through training. The awards are aimed at people who have decided to improve their chances of success through learning new skills. National Vocational Qualifications

The reason for NVQ’s is to create a national system of approved skills based qualifications for all employees. These qualifications are workplace based and they cover vocational areas such as McDonalds Administration. Training and development are vitally important for the overall efficiency and competitiveness of McDonalds. The way in which McDonalds recruit and train is excellent as there employees have generally improved. The appraisal is a good method which also helps the employees performance, because McDonalds do this every six months to analyse progression.

For McDonald’s, people are its most important asset. This is because customer satisfaction begins with the attitutudes and abilities of employees and committed, effective workers are the best route to success. For these reasons, McDonald’s strives to attract and hire the best, and to provide the best place to work. All businesses experience staff turnover for various reasons e. g. career change, leaving the area, returning to education, a new opportunity elsewhere. Recruiting and training staff is very expensive and businesses will look to keep staff turnover to a minimum.

One way of doing this is to ‘choose wisely, and treat well’. McDonald’s needs people who want to excel in delivering outstanding service. To ensure the company recruits the right people, it has identified essential skills and behaviours that applicants should be able to demonstrate. For each position there is a job description outlining typical duties and responsibilities and a person specification defining personal skills and competences. Recruiting suitable applicants Under McDonald’s recruitment policy, each individual restaurant is responsible for filling hourly-paid positions.

The Management Recruitment department in East Finchley co-ordinates the recruitment of managers. For recruiting hourly-paid employees McDonald’s use several avenues. Positions are generally advertised in the restaurant. The company’s recruitment history shows this is the best method of hiring quality staff e. g. people living locally and/or friends of existing employees. McDonald’s also uses local job centres, career fairs and other local facilities. It is vital to use effective hiring material with a clear message targeted at the right audience. A recruitment exercise often generates more applications than there are positions available.

The manager will select the applicants to be interviewed and will conduct the interviews. Over 60% of restaurant crew are aged 20 or under and; for the majority of applicants, a job with McDonald’s would be their first experience of employment. For many young people, McDonald’s also offers a career opportunity. A well-run interview will identify an applicant’s potential to be a successful McDonald’s employee. To find people who will be committed to excel in delivering outstanding service, McDonald’s scripts an interview guide that helps the company predict how an applicant’s past behaviour is likely to influence future performance.

It uses a fact-based decision-making process. The questions look for actual events or situations rather than allowing applicants to give a general or theoretical response. Interviewers look for behavioural evidence in the applicant’s life history that fits with the requirements of the job. The interviewer rates candidates on their responses and offers jobs to those who earn the highest ratings. McDonald’s future managers come from two main sources. More than half of all salaried management positions are taken up by hourly-paid employees who earn promotion.

The remainder are predominately graduates. Wherever possible, McDonald’s directs applicants towards applying on line at www. mcdonalds. co. uk. People who cannot access the web can call the Recruitment Hotline, or pick up a pre-paid Business Reply Card from a McDonald’s restaurant. The selection process includes an initial online psychometric test. This test produces an initial score. The applicant then attends a first stage interview and is offered “On Job Experience” (OJE). This is a 2-day assessment in a restaurant. Successful completion at OJE will lead to a final.

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