McDonald's: Progress and Performance

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McDonald’s goals is to build a consistent collection of foods with the same taste all around the world. Even though, McDonald’s succeed when they standardise their product ad cut cost, they found that changing according to the situation bring a stable success. This clearly showed that the concept of McDonald’s ‘think global, act local’В (Vignali, 2001). McDonald’s products mix mainly consists of food and beverages product (MEYER, 2018).

The products of McDonald’s in Malaysia are McChicken, French fries, McNugget, Sundae cone, Oreo Mcflurry and so on.

Besides that, recently McDonald’s in Malaysia came out with few new products, which are fried chicken, ‘Nasi Lemak Mcd’ known as Malaysians local food, McCafe Coffee Float and so on. In McDonald’s they have ‘mix and match’ set where Malaysians prefers combo foods than ala-carte. Other than that, every year for Chinese New Year, they will come out with the product called ‘prosperity burger’.

This shows that the McDonald’s serves the food product according to Malaysian attentiveness.

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McDonald has adjusted the food products in country due to religious laws and customs. For instance, in Malaysia McDonald’s had been thoroughly inspected by Muslim and to make sure ritual cleanliness; all the food products in McDonald’s approved with the halal certificate showing that there is no pork productsВ (Vignali, 2001).

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