Mcdonalds marketing principles Essay

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Mcdonalds marketing principles

When McDoland’s venture’s out globally they have to use important standards of marketing. The two most important things that I have noticed that got changed with McDoalds strategy is their product presentation and their advertising strategies. In some countries they sold the same product as in the USA. Countries that did this was Bulgaria, Denmark, and Oman. The reason why they had similar products is due to the similar taste that the USA and these other countries share.

In countries like the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand the food is much different then in the USA. The reason being is that Culturally they have a different dietary habits then us. So in those countries they ended up doing offerings like crispy chicken, rice, and spaghetti which is important so they can cater to regions needs and taste especially when it comes to something as important as food! Also it is important to note that one of McDonald’s great models is to standardize their popular items here and make it taste and looks the same whether its in Singapore, Spain or South Africa website. McDonald’s also has to be adaptive when it comes to building their franchises in other countries in order to gain success.

Therefore the concept of “think global, act local” has been clearly adopted by McDonald’s and it is all over there international websites. One last thing to add about product development is the Indian website. In that country they had to rethink the way that they presented and processed their food according to the Indians tastes, value system, lifestyle, language, and perception. Mostly in all countries everyone loves their traditional hamburgers which are prepared from beef and pork.

Since Indians don’t eat pork, McDonalds had to rethink their strategy which was to introduce chicken, lamb, and fish to satisfy the Indian Market. When it comes to advertising they use a wide array of advertisement. In the United Kingdom they like to use a lot of sports figures to promote their products. In France used a soccer player to boost their sales. And it seems to be working by standardizing their brand name, but at the same time making their advertisement decisions based on the “local culture”.

Another great example of this is in Malaysia. Malaysia has a great up and coming young generation so McDonald’s could probably not have had the success they have experienced without them focusing on the younger audience to younger generations of consumer. So to make in that market McDonalds is trying to invest heavily in tv marketing and aims it at children. Overall McDolands employed a great marketing strategy that focused on making sure that their products fulfilled the demands of the consumer and region base and made sure to keep them satisfied to have them keep on wanting to come back.

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