McDonald’s and Crespiano’s Restaurants Essay

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McDonald’s and Crespiano’s Restaurants

McDonald’s and KFC’s are two famous restaurants in Doha city. But even though they both serve delicious chicken meals in the same town, they don’t have anything else in common. They have differences in aspects of service speed, meals’ prices, and types of customers. McDonald’s serves meals at high speed as the staff who work there use computers in taking orders, radio headsets to communicate, and automatic timers to help with cooking. Unlikely, Crespiano’s is not as quick as McDonald’s because Crespiano’s staff number is less than McDonald’s. In addition, Crespiano’s system in taking orders is a manual system, no computers used, there is only one person who works as a cashier and takes orders in handwriting.

In terms of meals’ prices, McDonald’s meals, are very expensive due to the fact that McDonald’s serves Pepsi and chips with every meal, while Crespiano’s meals are cheaper as they are served without these extras. However, Crispiano’s offers its customers a free home delivery. Unlike McDonald’s, Crespiano’s customers are of the local residents who live nearby the restaurant only because there is one main branch of Crispiano’s in the whole city. On the other hand, McDonald’s has more than one branch all over the city so it serves a bigger number of people and different types of customers. In conclusion, McDonald’s and Crespiano’s serve delicious meals. While they both have a different style in handling their business, customers have an opportunity to choose which style is preferable for them.

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