McDonaldization Process Essay

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McDonaldization Process

McDonaldization is that McDonald’s is a worldwide fast food restaurant serving cheap and convenient food, dominating over the traditional sit down restaurants that have high prices but healthier choices. McDonald’s are not spread out but just a few miles from one another. Their fatty foods and kid friendly play grounds, which most are indoors, make it a much more relaxed time for parents during meal time. Parents and children alike get excited seeing those golden arches, that can be seen a matter of miles away. Fresh fries, cold drinks and greasy tasty cheeseburgers at a low cost, people cannot resist.

I believe people allow themselves to get addicted to the convenience of fast food with McDonald being at the top of their pick due to cheaper prices. The cheaper prices that McDonald offers helps keep other fast food restaurants competitive. The dollar menu has been a huge hit. Other fast food restaurant’s such as Burger King and Wendy’s offer dollar food items for both lunch and breakfast. In the economy today every dollar that can be saved most people with kids and without are saving it by eating off the dollar menu.

Is it McDonalds fault for obesity or unhealthy habits? Yes and No. People pick what they want to eat. Either being a healthy choice or a convenient choice. McDonald makes it easier to be a convenient unhealthy choice. Although, McDonalds offers salads, apple slices and oatmeal people don’t see that as a choice since they are in line at a fast food restaurant. A lot of the time those healthier choice don’t taste good for instance, the apple slices taste good some of the time so you never know if today will be a good day to get the apple slices or go for the fries. The convenience of having your food cooked and delivered within five minutes where as if you cooked it at home would take at least 30 minutes and would be much healthier, may outweigh the fact you’re so tired from working a long day and then taking care of home and family would make your decision for you.

Super-Size! Such an easy word to say, but yet heavy on the hips. McDonalds should not offer this. Just one simple burger and fry combo is enough calories for half a day’s worth. Offering to Super-size a meal that is already over a person’s daily calorie intake is just wrong. McDonalds knows for just a few cents more, we will go for that super-size fry and drink. McDonald should cut back as much calories they can, taking that first step of helping people cut those extra calories and letting us know they truly care about our health would be an eye opener for all the McDonald hatters. Not just offering alternatives such as salads but allowing us to have our burger and eat it too.

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