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McDonald’s, a fast food restaurant chain, presented its modern “Digital Kiosks”. It is a device that will allow customers to order and customize the order easily and quickly. The new technology puts the chain’s restaurants in line with the digital age, as it allows customers to add or remove ingredients to their order and pay by debit, credit or cash card. McDonald’s is an innovative company that remains at the forefront of technology to offer its customers new experiences.

For the implementation of the Digital Kiosks it was necessary to make several changes to our operating systems, kitchen systems and service models that allow them to offer this modern way of ordering. To improve the customer experience, the restaurant chain has an excellent WiFi signal, USB connectors and digital menus according to technological trends.

During the year, McDonald’s will have other digital innovations.The hamburger chain is ready to introduce technological innovations in an attempt to conquer the consumer.

Last November, a new uproar knocked on the door of McDonald’s Corporate Communications director: a diner denounced the presence of a rodent’s head in a hamburger.

The protocols to stop the threat that spread over the fast food brand were hastily implemented. However, the manager failed to prevent the authorities from closing the restaurant for a couple of days. This was the beginning of a scandal that lasted for more than a month.

In the end, it was concluded that the remains of the rodent were sown by the same diner who made the case public on social networks and before the authorities.

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It was all about an extortion attempt and a criminal complaint was initiated against the person responsible.

The presence of a human tooth in a bag of chips or that of a piece of plastic in a portion of chicken, as well as the denunciation of decomposed meat and until the exhibition of the documentary Super Size Me, which shows the effects that can cause McDonald’s foods are part of the long list of arguments that have put the brand under the magnifying glass. The ‘Open Doors’ program has become one of the formulas to combat arguments that question the quality of food served at company branches.

The program has become a worldwide success story, so other McDonald’s operators have been incorporating it. The next step of Golden Arches, a company that exclusively owns the McDonald’s restaurant franchise will be to incorporate innovations in its branches to give way to the ‘technological hamburger ‘.

Golden Arches will introduce digital kiosks in stores, where people can create their order and order the ingredients they want in their hamburger. Although there is still no specific date to introduce the equipment, the plans include testing innovation in popular cities.

The firm works on a new application that allows diners to order their hamburger remotely and pick up their order, already prepared, at any of the restaurants in the country.

The launch of the new application could occur next year, according to the forecasts made by the company.

For now it is ruled out that McDonald’s will introduce a home service, as Burger King has done. Offering a home delivery service could go against them, since the quality and experience that can be offered at the branch would be at risk.

In the past five years, McDonald’s has halted the growth of its branches and has decided to renew existing ones in order to maintain and attract new consumers. Innovations will play an important role in maintaining leadership in the face of competition.

McDonald’s has a 31 percent market share, while Burger King has 27 percent and Carl’s Jr 12 percent. Companies have an appetite for gaining greater participation in the country.

McDonald’s strategy does not yet reflect its benefits in financial terms within the region. During 2014, Golden Arches reached sales of $ 2,930 million, which represents one of its worst results in the last four years, while last year it registered an amount of $ 3,504 million.

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