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MBA Program

There are certain things in life that we could not take for granted. For the most part, people learn how to deal with their daily lives through the trials that embrace them. Through these predicaments, I allowed myself to look beyond my dreams and achieve more in life. My track record has allowed you to mirror my capacities and capabilities in performing all tasks deemed from me. Through hard work and determination, it has been my goal to be accepted in the MBA Program of the San Jose State University. As a child, I have always been inclined into being of service to others.

I did not allow my young mind to limit my capabilities in life. At the tender age of five, my parents witnessed how I would go out of my way to help people who were in need. I remember risking my life for one of my cousins. She went up the tree and was afraid to go down. With my meek body, I went up the tree and helped her go down. In the course of my assistance, I landed on my left arm which was dislocated. Although the pain was unbearable, I had to make sure that my cousin was alright. It was a miracle that she was alright and only had one bruise on her elbow. Through the years, my quest for service to others was also heightened.

Together with my school work, I made sure that I was actively involved in extra-curricular activities. I have been a member of the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society for almost four years already wherein I am able to share my talents in the preservation of marine life. In my own little way, I would be able to inspire others in making a difference in this world. In addition to this, I am also a member of the Vietnamese Student Association. Through my participation, I am able to hone myself and gain the much needed confidence to become one of the most competitive in my field.

Furthermore, I am able to spread cultural awareness amongst the students in and out of campus through their participation of our organized events and fundraisers. Moreover, my experiences in the real life have been tested through my employment in different institutions. I was given the opportunity to assist distinguished professors from the University of California in Riverside to conduct researches that would be used in the improvement of the economy, more specifically the bank loans and their corresponding effects. Regardless of this distinction, I believe that I also came from humble beginnings.

I started working as an events coordinator for the Cal-Skate Skating Center for a few months. My work was light, yet very competitive. Afterwards, I went on to become an automotive security specialist, where I was tasked to demonstrate my talents with clients, while keeping a close coordination with finance managers of the company. The hard work and dedication I have acquired through these experiences became my stepping stone in the family business. I was accepted as a Junior Business Consultant at the Truong Company, Inc. in 2007, where I started to focus more on the technical needs of the company.

In addition to this, I also provided consultancy for private companies, and developed strategies that would help in the upheaval of the economic stability of the company and its surrounding allies. It was only last year that I was able to go up the ladder of success and become an Account Manager for the Future Vision Tech. The position deemed me to become accountable for the medical department of the company, where I was tasked to provide pertinent information about the company. Regardless of all these accomplishments, I still believe that I have much to learn in this industry.

The field of economics is not something that one could learn overnight—for it entails much experience to figure out the possible solutions to problems. Furthermore, my dreams do not end after commencement. I would continue my work by indulging in non-government organizations and help fund researches that would become beneficial in the improvement of our economy. Furthermore, I also plan to go up the executive ladder and become known for the quality of work that I produce. Life is short, and I would want to make sure that I have what it takes to become a competent member of our society.

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