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Maya Angelou Poetry

Categories Literature, Maya Angelou, Poetry

Essay, Pages 2 (491 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (491 words)

Maya Angelou means that no matter what people do or say she will always have an positive attitude.

Some people write good things about her and some write lies and false truths. They try to put her down with their words but it won’t harm her. She compares herself to dust in other words she means she won’t be put down so easily. Maya say that words can’t hurt her no matter the circumstances.

She knows her rudeness upsets others and she wonders why it puts them down.

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She believes it’s because she walks with dignity and they are jealous. She says ‘pumping in my living room’ meaning that she is happy that she is the way she is. She is saying that she has confidence and pride.

She says ‘just like moons and like suns’ meaning she has her good and bad days. She has her moments of happy and sad but no matter how she feels she will not let anything take her down.

Maya Angelou saying she will overcome everything that gets thrown her way.

She asks if people want to she her fall down with her pride and self-confidence gone. Do they want to have her drop to her knees and do as they wish. They think their words will weaken her and make her sad. She is wondering if the her haters want to see her fall because of her problems.

She wonders if her attitude and cockyness hurts them and makes them feel bad about themselves.

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She thinks she offends them because she makes it seem like she has everything she wants and her life can’t get better or worse. She talks about how she tries to overcome the way people see her.

People may try to keep her down with their words and drop her with their look spiteful looks. They put her down with their antagonism but she will continue to stay standing. She is trying to show how badly they are hurting her.

Do people hate her because she takes pride in the way she looks. Every move she makes she makes it seem like she is number one and does it shock the haters that she does. Maya is showing how much confidence and pride she takes in herself.

She will continue to stand after all the lies and bad things said about her. After all the pain she has been put thorough she will not fall. She is a black woman who lives with pride and joy. Maya is talking about her fears when she was a slave.

She leaves the fear behind her and looks towards her foreseen future. Using her traits that she has inherited and taking pride in them. Maya talks about how she sees a better future for herself

Maya Angelou wrote this poem to show that she is confident in what she believes in and nothing and no one is going to put her down.

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