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Have you ever heard of the poet who had made history? Well if not her name is Maya Angelou (Marguerite Annie Johnson) born on April 4, 1928 and passed away on May 28, 2014. Maya Angelou was a poet that helped change civil rights for African women. And wrote music explaining how her life was. She did a lot of things like dance write music she was a poet a civil right activist and a lot more. But she was most known for he memoir in 1969.

She also has gotten many awards during when she was alive. She has received two NAACP image awards. In the outstanding literary work in 2005 and 2009. Maya was an amazing woman who had worked hard had many achievements, she worked really hard and had a very special life. The purpose of this essay is to highlight three significant contrition Maya Angelou bestowed to black history.

To begin with, Maya Angelou was born on 4/4/1928 in St. Louis Missouri she was an amazing writer and an amazing poet who had changed history/civil rights.

She also had a child and a husband, she gave birth to this child in 1994 who lived until he was 16 and he had passed away. Maya Angelou was friends with president Barack Obama, the president had called her “a brilliant writer, and a fierce friend”. During the times in World War 2 she had moved to California in San Francisco. In California she had gotten a scholarship to dance and act at California Labor School. In the 1990s she had won the award in Chicago International film festivals in 1998.

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In this paragraph it shows multiple ways on how Maya Angelou was a person who change history.

Secondly, she had it rough as a child. Because of segregation it was hard to get her in good schools but that did not stop her from trying her best to succeed in life and become a good person. Even worse her parents split up when she was very young, the cause led to her family being poor and it was hard to get food for the family. Maya Angelou had to experience her mom’s boyfriend being killed by her family members. The cause of this led to her being on mute after she left Arkansas with that horrible experience of having her mom’s boyfriend’s death. So that means that she did not talk at all. This paragraph explained how Maya Angelou had a real hard life when she was a child. And how she worked hard even with a hard life.

As important, Maya Angelou was an actor who was very successful and had made a lot of money because she shut out everything bad that happened in her childhood and became a national star and really famous. She received national rewards from the president. One from president Barack Obama and many more for her poetry, books, music and dancing when she was a child. “Maya Angelou became the first black female streetcar conductor’’ in 1940. She had one of her most famous works for president Bill Clintons inaugural ceremony in 1993. Maya went to win a Grammy award for an award called “best spoken word album”. This shows that Maya Angelou won a lot of awards and was very successful in her lifetime. In this paragraph I showed that Maya Angelou was a very successful person and had won many awards.

In conclusion, this shows Maya Angelou was a great person and had a lot of hobbies, and used those hobbies to become a great person. And she had became a great poet and a great writer. She had won may awards, known around the world for all of her writings, and was a person who changed rights for women. She changed the world with all of her great achievements. This biography shows and explained the ups and downs in Maya Angelou’s life and how she was an amazing person.

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