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Maya Angelou Essay

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Maya Angelou

As a woman you are created with a special gift, it’s like little extra ingredients that all women have within them. The poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou, she speaks about the elegance of a woman, her inner being the way she glow without saying a word Maya expressed how men are amazed by her presence “men themselves have wondered what they see in me” (line 31-32). It’s hard to put your finger on it all women were born with the power. In the poem “Still I rise” by Maya Angelou she described the struggles of life trials and tribulations you face in society and the way people may judge you.

As if she was writing about a woman “does my sassiness upset you? ”She also wrote in another stanza “does my sexiness upset you? ”She used this comparison to show she is a sexy woman who demands respect. Maya’s attitude in this poem is portraying a confident black African American woman. She is really laughing at men challenging them. They cannot stop her from rising above all expectation. This poem gives you not only inspiration encouragement to be fearless; to the end of it all you must believe you still rise above it all.

The title gives a sense of entity and power. This masterpiece the poem “phenomenal woman” has also empowered women to get more in touch with their inner beauty. Maya describes in great detail the mystery of women and the behavior of men and their reaction. It shows women to not only love your-self but to embrace every aspect of your mind, body and soul.

Maya show that sexuality isn’t only related to outer beauty, or by the way you dress it more about how you feel within your own skin she shows you instead of hating your body love it from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. In society today women enhances their body by doing plastic surgery to feel accepted. She feels inferior clearly stating that every part of a woman is beauty. In comparisons to “Phenomenal Woman” and “Still I Rise” both poems Maya speaks about not bowing to the “oppressor”. You can feel her compassion in every word in Phenomenal Woman “now you understand why my head’s not bowed” (lines 47). Still I Rise forth stanza “with head bowed and eyes lowered?”, Within these lines she stresses that she will not conform to what society made her out to be, that she will soar above and beyond everyone expectations.

The little gives a sense of entity and power. In conclusion these two poems have few similarities; Maya characterized the strength of an African American woman. By using powerful words she described the emotional aspect of inner beauty, standing proud professing no one will ever bring her down not by the color of her skin nor the fact of being a woman that there’s more within.

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