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Maus essay

I Maus by Art spiegelman shows imagery. It resembles the quote from Hitler “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human”, and shows that the different groups of people have essential characteristics that are represented by the animals they are portrayed as in the book. This just shows how low Germans are towards the Jews. In the comic book of Maus, Vladek tells some horrible stories of when he was in the holocaust.

Artie (his son) is very interested in the way the holocaust was and how his father and gone through it when he was younger. In one of the clips it shows Vladek‘s number that he was given to be represented by instead of his name. Some of his stories were of how they would just kill any random person, even if they had their papers. The Germans wanted to become superior in every way they possibly can. The many different ways of representing the “animals’ towards people are the way people may act or themselves.

For instance the pigs represented as the polish, the mouse are represented as the Jewish. The animals that are shown for them are based on themselves and their looks. If you had Blonde hair and blue eyes, brown hair brown eyes were their perfect race. Even though the book was black and white in reality you can see the colors everywhere. The stories about the way the woman and children were treated would make you throw up.

If a child was crying or wouldn’t be quiet they would get thrown against the wall and have their skulls broken. The women were treated just like men having to carry around heavy items and get beat just the same. Men, children and woman should not be treated the same when it comes to work or punishments. In conclusion the holocausts were the roughest of the times. Too many people were killed for no reason at all. I’ve proved innocent people should not be murdered for no reason at all.

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