Matter’s Design of Corporate Brochure Essay

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Matter’s Design of Corporate Brochure

Graphics is a vital factor in the world of advertising. Right words, alone, are insufficient to make an impact to the public. Lubalin is one example which has proved that incorporating art in words provide an identity to a certain company or organization (Heller). More than defining the character of the company, graphics makes this character so loud that people was able to identify the graphics with the company. Angus Hyland made a very clever design for the corporate brochure of Matter.

This company is a private-hire company. They put the name of the company in the center of two sets of perpendicular lines which mimics a frame of a camera. It is like trying to say that they put the matter on center of everything. It is like saying that the company focuses on the matter. This design is very brilliant because they are effective in saying to the public that they not just cater to private-hire needs but also provide quality services by putting the matter or the need on the center of everything.

It is like giving assurance to the client that the event will be made perfect by the private-hire company. It is like saying to the client that the company looks beyond the client’s needs and satisfying those needs even far satisfactory. Works Cited: Heller, Steven. “Herb Lubalin: Rule Basher” Upper and Lower Case Magazine 13 February 2009 < http://www. itcfonts. com/Ulc/2511/HerbLubalin. htm> “New at Pentagram: Matter. ” Portfolio Partners Offices Publication. 13 February 2009 <http://www. pentagram. com/en/>

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