Matilda: Want and Book Essay

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Matilda: Want and Book

The story is about parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwoods who do not think there is anything special about their children, Michael and Matilda. Matilda’s brother is just like another normal boy, but Matilda is different. Even she is just four years and three months, she had a mind like a grown-ups. Poor her, her parents are not realizing that their daughter is really special and less attention to her, but they think she is freak. When she was three, she teaches herself to read and wants to read more, even though her parents just want to watch TV.

On weekdays her parents leave her alone for a while, even though she is just a little, so she up and goes to the library on her own. The librarian, Mrs. Phelps, helps her pick out books. First, Matilda reads all the kids’ books. Then she asks Mrs. Phelps to pick out something else for her. From there Mrs. Phelps realizes that Matilda is special. So while the librarian treats Matilda like she is normal, she gives her highly advanced books to read. Matilda reads her first Dickens book Great Expectations and she asks for more of Dickens’ books.

Along the way, Mrs. Phelps realizes that Matilda’s parents are just the worst, but she doesn’t really do anything to interfere in Matilda’s family life. After Matilda has read several books, Mrs. Phelps gets her a library card. That means she does not have to visits to the library oftentimes, but she can borrow the books for two weeks. She takes the books home, makes herself cozy, warm drinks, and reads every afternoon in peace. Books make her imagination. After I read this, I imagine if Matilda does exist in this world.

Why? Because there are just rarely children do things like Matilda does, and so the adults. Moreover the technology becomes more sophisticated nowadays, make the dependence on technology. For example, “Daddy,” she said, “do you think you could buy me a book? ” “A book? ” he said. “What d’you want a flaming book for? ” “To read, Daddy. ” “What’s wrong with the telly, for heaven’s sake? We’ve got a lovely telly with a twelve-inch screen and now you come asking for a book! You’re getting spoiled, my girl!

” (Page 12) The dialog is when Matilda wants to buy a book but her father refuses and tells her to watch television. This is one of an example in our daily life, people prefer to watch than read (not all parents do such a thing like that to their children). I wish I were like Matilda when I was five. She is really good at reading and teaches herself to do complicated problems in her head, as well as how to read. In fact, Matilda is the smartest character I have ever met, and that makes me like her.

That is why I want to discuss her character. Yes, she is special. She is just a four years old but she is so genius. Even she get less attention from her parents, with her open minded, she can solve her problem “to read books” by going to the library by herself near her house. As we know that a child who still under seven years old still being accompany by their parents, but for me Matilda is amazing and tough for a child in her age. At the library, she reads several books which chosen by the librarian, Mrs. Phelps.

Thanks to Mrs. Phelps, she the only one who understand and realizes how genius Matilda is. She helps Matilda find the books and sharing the books. What makes me feel surprise, Matilda wants to read a grown-ups book. I cannot imagine how smart she is. “What sort of a book would you like to read next? ” she asked. Matilda said,” I would like a really good one that grown-ups read. A famous one. I don’t know any names. ” (Page 15) I highly recommend reading this book. The author wants to express that it is important to read the book.

Read the book knows no age. The book is more expansive because of details, while other from the book is just a glimpse. Therefore, we need to follow Matilda as what the author wants to tell to the readers. Last, especially for parents. Children need attention, whatever the conditions. Children are just like a flower that we should give it attention by providing fertilizer and water to make it continue to grow. This book gives a lot of messages that we can take on in daily life.

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