Mathematics: Problem Solving and Ideal Math Classroom

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We have different reasons why we hate or like math. As of these days, 70% of the students hate math and the remaining 30% is the one who likes math. Students say they hate math for some reasons, firstly simply because they don’t understand it and they just don’t like numbers. It’s like when they see numbers their life is starting to tear down. Secondly is they are afraid to take risk on answering the problem. They are thinking that it might not be the correct answer for the problem, that’s why they were lack in self confidence to answer the existing problems.

Thirdly, students hate math because of how the teachers discuss the topics and how the teachers give exams. When the discussion is going on, it is very easy for the students to understand the lessons but when it comes to examinations the teacher gives very different set of numbers that the students might not know how to solve it.

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That’s why the students always got low grades when it comes to exams.

In addition with that students hate math because their teachers give them a lot of things to do, giving problem after problem, ditto sheets, text books, and senseless math problems. In behalf of those students who hate math, there are also those students who really like math and they have reasons for this. One is because; with math you can prove anything, there is an exact right and wrong and it’s wonderful to know that something is perfect other than partially right.

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Math is challenging and requires a lot of thinking that’s why, there’s a certain satisfaction when you come across a difficult problem and are able to conquer it. It’s like the mysteries of the universe are being revealed to you because of your mental capacities. Second reason is, it does require memorization, but you’re not just memorizing facts and there is often another way to figure a problem out if you forget a formula or something.

You’re not just memorizing things, like i said, but instead more like plugging them in. like, for example, while it is helpful to memorize the multiplication tables, you don’t absolutely have to as long as you know how to multiply like in social studies or something like that, you have to remember specific facts. If you forget them, you’re basically screwed. But math isn’t really like that. And it always makes sense. There’s always a way to check your answer and make sure you did it right, not so in other subjects. Those students who like math say that: ‘If you had good basics and somebody taught you in the beginning then you never hate it.

Hating is just because you had poor basics and you don’t study math well in the beginning.’ Indeed, this message is really true. If you hate math or if you’re not excelling well on it, then you must do something about it. Not just say that you can’t make it, instead make a move for those problem, try and try until you can to say to yourselves that ‘at last, even though I’m slow at least I make it’. As says in one quote ‘mathematics may not teach us to breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide or to love a friend and to forgive an enemy. But it gives us every reason to hope, that every problem, no matter how hard or complicated…solution exists!’

What is your ideal math classroom?

One of the factors that affect the students from learning math is the place that the discussion occurs. The classroom is a big impact on how the students will be learning from the teacher. I as a student have also an ideal math classroom. If I am the one who will design or choose for it, I want a classroom that is look like a laboratory lab which has a tool inside that is invented by the mathematicians. All the things that you were going to see and use is high tech. for example the door, before you enter you must solve a problem or a set of numbers or else you can’t attend or enter the class. As I’ve said all things are high tech, including the chairs that has a special touch screen calculator on its desk.

The table of the teacher that is also touch screen and has a program inside of it or where our list of names including the results of quizzes and exams are place. But it is safe because only the teacher and some higher positions are the one who knows the password. I want a classroom that will give me energy or will inspire me to be attentive and always prepare in class. A classroom that is something new. Not the one that gives me stress and lack of interest in studying. It must be a classroom that has a good energy and happiness, not just serious lessons and hard discussions.

What character trait you like in a math teacher?

The behaviour or the characteristics of the teacher is one of the factors that must be considered why some students dislike math. The trait of the teacher that is being strict is we know that will really help the students to change. But it will give a stress and pressure to students and that is one of the causes why students begin to dislike math. As a student I want a teacher that is not so much strict and giving considerations to his students. A teacher that is not giving loads of things to do and must know how to understand the reasons of his students.

Another one is he/she must know how to accept his wrong doings when it comes to checking our papers. A teacher who has a good heart that he/she will think the capacity that our brain can solve and answer correctly. A teacher that is not giving a very heavy problem that even one in our room doesn’t get it correctly. Moreover, a teacher that can be able to explain the topics clearly and he/she must be approachable in any time.

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Mathematics: Problem Solving and Ideal Math Classroom
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