Mathematics and Science in Preschool

Integrating math and science into an early childhood classroom it’s important because we allow the children to explore and challenge themselves on creating and learning something new. The article Applying math and science concepts in preschool classrooms mentioned that “In integrating math and science concepts in the classroom, we need to make sure our objectives are measurable and rooted in the skills we want to teach children.” Knowing that children grasp concepts and develop skills at different rates. Math and science give the child an opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience.

How can I integrate math and science into a classroom? I would create lesson plans that capture children’s natural interests. For example, if most children are interested in dinosaurs then I would plan a lesson plan about dinosaurs and the focus of content areas would be math and science. We would learn where dinosaurs come from? What are fossils? Bones? Etc. and math would be integrated by counting/one-to-one correspondence etc.

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by using dinosaur bones, teeth, and horns. This is an example of how I can integrate math and science into my classroom. Also, have plenty of hands-on activities that would promote their interest and would help them to develop different skills.

CHD 146 Math, Science, and Social Studies taught me how to create lesson plans and how to evaluate information taken online. Early childhood teachers often look online for exciting projects to try in the classrooms, but we forget to evaluate where we take the information from.

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Therefore, CHD 146 taught me why is important on evaluating websites. And it is because “No one judges the quality or accuracy of information found on the World Wide Web before it is published, so you must as an early childhood teacher evaluate what you find for yourself to use in the classroom.” Some sites are created by experts; for example, the University of Maryland Libraries site is authored by librarians who have expertise in the field of information science. However, the clear majority of World Wide Web sites are designed and authored by non-experts. So, yes, it’s important to understand that not all websites are appropriate or designed to be used in an early childhood classroom.

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Mathematics and Science in Preschool

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