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Essay on Mathematics

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Debussy's Use of the Fibonacci Sequence in Music

This Nocturne shows influences from the Nocturne influences of the romantic era, the slow introduction before the main section, the contrasting middle section followed by a recap on the beginning to a climactic end. In conclusion, I would like to reinforce the concept of math in music. Music and math have always been associated not only because of the features of math in music but also because of ...

Advantages of Calculators

Mathematics has grown substantially in the past years as well as the tools to aid students in mathematics, which includes calculators. And today math is a subject that all students should understand and learn to appreciate and rejecting the aid of a calculator is only limiting your outcome of apprehension of mathematics. The abundance of calculators today is material prove that myths of calculato...

The International System of Units

In conclusion, I believe that the SI units are a lot easier to use then the American Standard system of measurement, and would make the lives of Americans easier. The metric system is there for everyone to use, and the United States should adopt this great system of measurement. We could measure things knowing that they make sense, remembering that they are based on ten and a set of prefixes. I ca...

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Venn Diagram Paper

Thus, they would have accounted for four of the 28 Chemistry students, leaving 24 students who take Chemistry but not English, so they'll put "24" in the "Chemistry only" section of the "Chemistry" circle. Hence, students are aware that a total of 9 + 5 + 24 = 38 students are in both or either English or Chemistry. Thus, leaving two students unaccounted for, so more than likely these two students...

Linear Programming as an Approach in Math

During the formulation of any Linear Programming it is found that certain variables can be regarded as taking integer values. However, for the convenience sake they are regarded to be taking fractional values as they can be ignored because of high integer values. Sometimes, this could be possible but there are cases when finding a numeric solution in which the variables take integer values is nece...

The Golden Ratio

For attractive people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the skeleton of Golden Ratio almost fit perfectly on them. However, when the skeleton was put on a picture of an individual who looked a bit unattractive, the skeleton did not fit. I am not suggesting that beauty should be translated into being lifeless and cold because of it being defined inform of numbers. However, I think that the paintin...

Euler's Formula and Identity

In conclusion, cos(x)+isin(x) and eix are two ways to move around a circle. While the first one uses cosine and sine, the second one uses number e and an imaginary exponent, and yet they both are equal to each other. This is part of the reason why this formula is so interesting. It defines the relationship between trigonometry and imaginary exponentiation in a very concise manner, and that is the ...

Epistemology And Empiricism

7. Therefore, God (an infinite and perfect being) exists. THE THREE ANCHOR POINTS OF EMPIRICISM The Only Source of Genuine Knowledge Is Sense Experience The empiricists compare the mind to a blank tablet upon which experience makes its marks. Without experience, they claim, we would lack not only knowledge of the specific features of the world, but also the ability even to conceive of qualities su...

Constantan and Copper

I found that the information from these sources seemed very reliable and information I had gained, helped me understand the complex issues with the relation of physics to young's modulus. I had obtained the various information I have included on the background information on the sensor from the following Internet sites: o http://www. emsl. com/tensile_strength. html o http://www. encyclopedia. com...

A Jump-Diffusion Model for Asset Pricing

D AV Y D OV , D. & L I N E T S K Y, V. (2001) Pricing and Hedging Path-dependent Options Under the CEV Process,MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 47(7), 949"965.H E Y D E , C. C. (2000) A risky asset model with strong dependence through fractal activity time, Applied Probabil-ity, 36, 1234"1239.K O U , S.G. (1999) A jump diffusion model for option pricing with three properties: Leptokurtic Feature, Volatilit...

Use of Mathematics' Intuitionistic Fluffy Advancement

Nehi et al. [27] have exhibited the trapezoidal intuitionistic fluffy numbers and gave couple of various activities for them. They have consolidated enrollment work and non-participation work in intuitionistic fluffy streamlining process. Nishad and Singh [29] have defined another strategy in which imprecision has been considered in target capacities and requirements. The imprecision has considere...

Quadratic Equation

We conclude that we found x units in real direction and i units in both positive and negative directions. When the discriminant (b^2-4ac) is negative, we get two complex solutions and we can graphically interpret the complex roots of quadratic equation through the reflection of real roots of quadratic equation. So, both are very important and there are abundant real and complex roots. It deals wit...

John Nash Biography

In 1958, he was in Fortune magazine as one of the top mathematicians of the world. After he impregnated Alicia, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. After his release, he went to Europe to cancel his U. S. citizenship, but Alicia deported him back and put him under insulin-coma therapy for his illness. Alicia left him in 1962, so Nash began t...

The distance travelled by the margarine tub

This way I was able to pin-point any graphical anomalous results. A graphical anomalous result is an unreliable result that does not fit in with the general trend of the line. As a result, I had to repeat this force again. The only force in my results that I had to repeat was at 4N. I had to repeat the experiment for 4N because it generated an anomalous result. When I repeated it, I generated new ...

Mental arithmetic

Further experiments could use different types of stimuli for the similar/dissimilar conditions and see whether these results were replicated. It may prove easier to minimize confounding variables if the stimuli used do not rely on an ability that varies widely within the participants, as mental arithmetic ability does. The experimental design would also be improved if a much larger sample were use...

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