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Essay on Mathematics

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Objective Function vs Constraints in Mathematics

Using the transportation system as an example, the per unit transportation cost is known as uncontrollable variable because it is subjected to continuous, unceasing change. In conclusion, it is imperative to understand and analyses the situation carefully before applying one linear programming over the other in other to improve or optimize current operations (Heizer & Render, 2008). Furthermor...

Biography of a Mathematician: Sir Isaac Newton

This was huge in many ways as he proved definitively the heliocentric model first proposed by Copernicus.” (Universe Today) On top of all this he proved that all things in the universe revolve around the laws of motion. The laws of motion formed a footing for our understanding of the universe. This is a leap in science for his time and to this day. Newton’s gains in the field of mathematics we...

Benefits of playing chess

§ CHESS IS FUN! Dude, this isn't just another one of those board games. No chess game ever repeats itself, which means you create more and more new ideas each game. It never gets boring. You always have so much to look forward to. Every game you are the general of an army and you alone decide the destiny of your soldiers. You can sacrifice them, trade them, pin them, fork them, lose them, defend ...

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Montessori Math Rationale

All of the content for Mathematics is divided into sub-categories that reflect these increasing levels of abstraction. As I work with the Montessori math materials it still amazes me how much I didn’t understand about mathematics. For me, the Montessori math materials are truly unique. What makes them unique? First of all, the introductory materials are all hands-on rather than abstract; they ar...

Universities Should Provide Skills for Future Career or Give Access to Knowledge for Its Own Sake

During primary and secondary, we have to be instilled all kinds of discipilines, such as maths, English, physics, chemistry, etc. Entering universities, we should be endowed the rights to acquire knowledge for our own sake. Firstly, interest is the best teacher, if we could chose what we like, more enthusim would we have during studying. On the contrary, if we was instilled some knowledge and skil...

Babylonian Mathematics

5. Generalize this Babylonian algorithm for solving linear systems to arbitrary linear systems in two variables? 6. Generalize this Babylonian algorithm for solving linear systems to arbitrary linear systems? √ 7. Modify the Babylonian root finding method (for 2) to find√ the square root of any number. Use your method to approximate 3. Begin with x0 = 1. √ 8. Explain how to adapt the method ...

Technology Makes Us Lazy

It also teaches most of us to lie. Technology were so convenient till it act as a medium in procrastination, humans tend to build excuses from doing things that need to done. Take this statement as an example, “Oh, I’ll do that later after I go out to lunch” or, “I’ll feel like doing that tomorrow; I’ve had a bad day today!” humans trigger the excuses because the things that needs to...

Indian Mathematicians And Their Contributions

He was born in a village of Mysore district. He was the first to give that any number divided by 0 gives infinity (00). He has written a lot about zero, surds, permutation and combination. He wrote, “The hundredth part of the circumference of a circle seems to be straight. Our earth is a big sphere and that’s why it appears to be flat.” He gave the formulae like sin(A ± B) = sinA.cosB ± co...

UPS Competes Globally with Information Technology

2. Explain how the Web site helps UPS achieve some or all of the strategic business objectives we described earlier in this chapter. What would be the impact on UPS’s businesses this Web site were not available. UPS website helps in achieving the business objectives like ‘Order fulfillment process’ and ’transaction processing systems’. If the web site is not available the UPS will not be...

A warm welcome to BN2102 Bioengineering data analysis


Current Event Research Paper

In this specific study it presents that work motivation has no effect on employee’s commitment to a company thus making it irrelevant to this study. Work motivation is the basic internal and external factors management uses to keep their employees going at work. This did surprise me that it has no effect on employee’s commitment to their company since I would feel like if you are being motivat...

Importance of Mathematics and statistics to Economics

Statistical methods are used for preparation of these accounts. In economics research statistical methods are used for collecting and analysis the data and testing hypothesis. The relationship between supply and demands is studies by statistical methods, the imports and exports, the inflation rate, the per capita income are the problems which require good knowledge of statistics.Statistics are ev...

Mathematics & Natural Sciences with absolute certainty (TOK)

It is not possible for humans to achieve absolute certainty in knowledge using mathematics and the natural sciences. Mathematics is a creation of man to organize and communicate highly complex concepts and theories to others through a kind of language which goes beyond the spoken or written word. Most people do believe the written word to be more true that the spoken word, as seen, this can be sho...

Lack of interest in mathematics

Dubinsky, E. 1991 Reflective Abstraction in Advanced Mathematical Thinking. In Advanced Mathematical Thinking, ed. D. Tall, 95-102. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Harel, G., and D. Tall. 1991. The general, the abstract and the generic in advanced mathematical thinking. For the Learning of Mathematics 11 (1): 38-42. Stipek, D. and H. Gralinski. 1991. Gender Differences in Children's Achieve...

Broadening Your Perspective

The benefit to Ideal Manufacturing of applying activity for both in house and outside charging purposes is that the use of activity based costing will show a more accurate selling proce of the product and the loss that is taken. Without activity based costing being used Ideal Manufacturing could be charged a higher selling price. This would not be ideal for Ideal Manufacturing as their competitors...

Case Preview and Questions for Anagene, Inc.

The total plant overhead is fixed, and when a product line is dropped, each product line has higher overhead allocated, and eventually Youngstown becomes unprofitable. 5. What does the situation at Youngstown (a low-tech manufacturing firm making decisions to shrink sales over time) have to do with the situation at Anagene (a high-tech firm making decisions to grow sales over time)? Anagene is fac...

Appaloosa County Day Care Center, Inc.

a. Identify the direct costs associated with each service or program. Labor cost is associated with each service and program. Food cost is associated to the kitchen area but indirect to the end services. b. Which costs would be organization-sustaining costs? Provide an argument for or against assigning these costs to services or programs. Organization-sustaining costs include depreciation, buildin...

Marriott Corporation” the Cost of Capital

Market risk premium should be calculated for the same horizon as that used for the risk-free interest rate. Thus a spread between S&P 500 composite returns and long-term U.S. government bond returns for the period 1951-1987 (7.88%, see Appendix 2) is a market risk premium for lodging division. A spread between S&P 500 composite returns and short-term U.S. government bond returns for year 1...

RJR Nabisco Case Study


Are the social Sciences Really Inferior?

Indeed, there are several advantages when it comes to the nature and structure of the natural sciences if compared to the social sciences. However, these advantages should not be viewed in lieu of the superiority/inferiority debate; instead it should serve as a challenge on the part of the social sciences to maximize and make the most out of the available resources of the social sciences to be abl...

The importance of arithmetic in math

This is because it makes things easier for me since it changes the way I look at things. Instead of seeing an equation as a bunch of properties, I see it as a bunch of numbers doing different operations. If I were to relate this to a language, I could say I fully understand the uses of every letter and the sounds it makes, once I have understood that, I can not only sound out any word, but create ...

The History Of Trigonometry

For my conclusion, I would like to say that Trigonometry Has a very old history dating back before Jesus Christ, all of which is applied in today's world, from corporate companies, to small businesses trig is used in almost everything whether intentional or not. But if it wasn't for the efforts of the mathematicians Menelaus, Ptolemy, Hipparchus, and Thales of Miletus some of the methods to evalua...

Mathematics Autobiography

The best learning style utilized in view of mathematics is hands on experience; inasmuch as mathematics is both divided into pure and applied applications. The former speaks about the study of math for its own sake. The latter is the study of math for the very purpose of solving real problems. This is the best way to explain math in actual terms. It spans topics from problems that pertain to engin...

Grade Comment

My first year scores are relatively low because I had to adapt to the totally different environment in that time, the first time to move away from my parents and to be accustomed to distinct teaching and test systems. Therefore, three mathematic courses, including Advanced Mathematics 1&2 and Linear Algebra, only earned scores about 70 to 84 in the first two semesters. However, I don’t think...

An Analysis of "Peach" by D. H. Lawrence

But maybe we need to adjust our angle of see the world. Actually nature has very little to do with math. Most things in the world cannot and should not be simply viewed scientifically. Things were, are and will never be judge to be right or wrong. We live in a wonderful world but we are probably making a hash of it. Nature has given us beauty in everything we see and for no good reason - nature o...

Indian Mathematicians

He rapidly developed the theory of elliptic functions in competition with the German Carl Gustav Jacobi. By this time Abel’s fame had spread to all mathematical centres, and strong efforts were made to secure a suitable position for him by a group from the French Academy, who addressed King Bernadotte of Norway-Sweden; Crelle also worked to secure a professorship for him in Berlin. In the fall o...

La Estancia Resort Automated Billing and Reservation System

The function of the system is to have a database to store all information about the customers like their names, rents, for reservations and date where they entered in the resort. The system has an interface to a register the customer’s information but the manager and the receptionist who is the one that has an access of this system, they are the persons who can use the advance option which is th...

Natural sciences

It is curiosity that allows us to acquire new knowledge more quickly. Work cited Axtell Guy. Knowledge, belief, and character: readings in virtue epistemology, 1st edition, Rowman & Littlefield, 2000. Chang Larry. Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing, Gnosophia Publishers, 2006. Gotschl Johann. Erwin Schrodinger's world view: the dynamics of knowledge and ...

Venn Diagram Paper

Thus, they would have accounted for four of the 28 Chemistry students, leaving 24 students who take Chemistry but not English, so they'll put "24" in the "Chemistry only" section of the "Chemistry" circle. Hence, students are aware that a total of 9 + 5 + 24 = 38 students are in both or either English or Chemistry. Thus, leaving two students unaccounted for, so more than likely these two students...

Hotel Billing System Proposal

But in order to know if we can reach their standards we have to do this project at any cost and at any ways. This project is not just all about calculations of billings it is the way of telling to all businesses that we are now in modern era that all things can be done by means of using technologies. Even they are starting their businesses they can use automated system to help them. It is also can...

Man and Nature in the Renaissance

However, to be able to fully understand these fields of knowledge we, as present scholars, must be able to comprehend how this knowledge started and developed over time. In addition, the early beliefs on humanism and the high value imparted on the study of nature were indeed helpful to the development of many studies and new knowledge that we have today. Studying the historical Renaissance period ...

A Beautiful Mind

Paraphrasing Nash’s acceptance speech, in the movie Russell Crowe sums up his career by saying “And I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life: It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found (Crowe). ” In conclusion I would like to state that by being compassionate and loving towards a person with ment...

Algebra in Daily Life

Algebra is also a convenient skill to possess when it comes to dieting and recipes. Counting the number of carbohydrates or calories and keeping track of them can get overwhelming at times and a person can get confused. Algebra can help you to see how many calories you have had and also it can help you calculate how many you are able to have in the future. Cooking is also another skill that is ass...

NCTM standards for elementary school mathematics

Data analysis and probability is concerned with application of data management and probability techniques, such as data collection, organization, data analyses, sorting and using inferences. The other standards are problem solving where students should be able to derive solutions of problems, Reasoning and Proof where the answers to the problems can be verified by mathematical means, Communication...

Liberal Arts vs Science

Therefore, while it is important to note that liberal arts are dying, it is a task set upon us to develop curricula that will ensure that the sections that liberal arts cover in education are taken over by an equally fulfilling branch of education. References Cook, N. The Death of Liberal Arts: How the Recession and Unemployment are making Schools and Students Rethink the Value of an Education in ...

The Contributions of Greeks and Arabs to Mathematics

Al Hasib is sometimes known as Abu Kamil. What made Abu Kamil famous is his knowledge about irrational coefficients which were not used by the famous Al Khwarizmi. Abu Bakr al-Karaji is also one of the Arab mathematicians which discovered the numerical solutions to the equations of the form . Omar Khayyam, another mathematician as well as poet is concerned about cubic equations and studied on para...

FAQ about Mathematics

Aryabhata I and How He Influenced Math

...Aryabhata also impacted Trigonometry by his definitions of sine (jya), cosine (kojya), versine (utkrama-jya), and inverse sine (otkram jya). “He was the first to specify sine and versine (1-cos x) tables, in 3.75° intervals from 0° to 90°, to an ...

How Children Utilize Their Mathematical Mind as Part of Their Natural Progression

...Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, Montessori Pierson Publishing Company, the Netherlands, Reprinted 2007 Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child, Montessori Pierson Publishing Company, the Netherlands, Reprinted 2007 Modern Montessori Instit ...

Why You Selected Your Major

...Coming from a third world country, I have always dreamed my country to be a developed country with better infrastructure, with electricity and water supplies at every home. I feel helpless when I see a eighty year old man, barely able to walk crossin ...

How was the Gupta Empire (India) scientifically advanced

...Saran, Santosh and Ravindra N. Singh. History of Science and Technology During Gupta Period. Prachi Prakashan. New Delhi. 1994. The source contained some relevant information in the beginning that was accurate and of good quality. It gave specific in ...

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