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GCSE Mathematics Coursework
Words • 1437
Pages • 6
In my mathematics GCSE coursework I shall be investigating the total and difference in sets of stairs in different grid sizes. I will be investigating the relationship between stair totals on different grids. This will also include different stair sizes. I will choose to display my findings using a mixture of graphs, tables and grids. I shall also try to work out the formula for each of the number of step sizes. After I have finished investigating the different sized…...
Game Theory-Grazing Cow
Words • 664
Pages • 3
Econ 431 Solution to Problem Set #4 (a) Consider the following Table: Cows in field Yield per cow Total Yield 1 8 8 2 5 10 3 3 9 4 2 8 To maximize total milk production (social optimum) the men should graze 2 cows total. But consider the following payoff table: Mr. Two x2=1 0,8 5,5 6,3 Mr. One x1=0 x1=1 x1=2 x2=0 0,0 8,0 10,0 x2=2 0,10 3,6 4,4 Grazing two cows is a dominant strategy for each…...
CowGame Theory
Game Theory Coursework
Words • 1640
Pages • 7
What is the Nash Equilibrium? This is the idea that equilibrium in a physical system, was that players would adjust their strategies until no player could benefit from changing. All players are then choosing strategies that are best (utility maximising) responses to all other players strategies.(i) Nash Equilibrium This concept is a set of strategies where any given player can’t get a better payoff by changing their strategy if all players keep their strategic choices constant. Thus once our hypothetical…...
Game Theory
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Flawless Consulting
Words • 754
Pages • 4
The process of flawless consulting is concerned about one having an impact when one is undertaking the role of consultancy. Like any other discipline worth its salt, it involves the adherence to critical skills of consultancy, critical techniques that assist to consult flawlessly and being conversant with methods to effectively deal with sponsors and management. Consulting skills consist mostly of project management, facilitation and collaboration, problem solving, communication, data analysis and spreadsheet management skills. Peter block refers to a consultant…...
BusinessManagementProblem Solving
Five Steps for Business Problem Solving
Words • 399
Pages • 2
Demand Media Every business problem seems unique, but the techniques for solving business problems don't have to be reinvented each time you face a dilemma. Adopt a methodical approach to solving all problems so that you won't find your business In constant crisis management. Running a business means solving problems, so tackle problems with a well thought-out plan to avoid making rash decisions. Ads by Google Digital Marketing Show Industry Leaders & Expert Speakers. View Brochure & Book Online Now!…...
BusinessProblem Solving
Effects of Online Gaming
Words • 1186
Pages • 5
Students these days are spending more of their free time playing computer games. There are positive and negative effects associated with playing video games. Set a regular routine for your child so he knows when it is time to do homework and when to play games. Health Problems Some students get carried away with playing their computer games for excessive amounts of time. Your child's health might be affected negatively if he plays computer games persistently. His eye sight might…...
AdolescenceHealthProblem SolvingResearchVideo Game
Discussion of coefficients
Words • 1384
Pages • 6
In simple or multiple linear regression, the size of the coefficient for each independent variable gives you the size of the effect that variable is having on your dependent variable, and the sign on the coefficient (positive or negative) gives you the direction of the effect. The regression equation which has a single independent variable, the coefficient tells you how much the dependent variable is expected to increase (if the coefficient is positive) or decrease (if the coefficient is negative)…...
Discuss Poet Mathew Arnold as a poet of Melancholy?
Words • 1292
Pages • 6
Introduction:- Victorian age was an age of industrial revolution. The first railway train was introduced. Science, industry, materialism had progressed. Industries were multiplying and expending. There was more or less general prosperity and the entire society was running after materialistic life. People were just enjoying a life of luxury and material pleasure. Cause of Melancholy in his poem:- But despite materialistic progress, Victorian people were becoming mundane and atheist. The religious faith was declining. People could not believe on anybody…...
Circle of Friends
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Hot torrid sex, family feuds, and gold diggers. By today's standards, these topics would seemingly be the story line of any other typical Hollywood film. Unfortunately, in Maeve Binchy's critically acclaimed novel, Circle of Friends, none of the aforementioned subjects are particularly highlighted, but rather the plot follows the daily existence of a young overweight Irish girl, Benny Hogan. The film version of the book hardly keeps the bare bones of the storyline, which leads the viewer to question, was…...
Are Boys Better At Math Than Girls?
Words • 1831
Pages • 8
It seems that for decades there have been an endless debate as to whether or not the male species is superior to the female species. This ongoing debate is better known to the public society as the "battle of the sexes. " Further investigated, this debate can focus on the many differences found amongst men and women. The constant competition between men and women has been continually evolving as society becomes more curious as to the relevant differences amongst men…...
Numbers and Symbols in Mathematics
Words • 379
Pages • 2
Mathematics uses numbers or symbols to convey a meaning. Similar to syntax of the English language wherein it uses letters and words. Both can be used as language but in different medium. It is interrelated to each other. There are mathematical problems that is in form of sentences with numbers and equations to be used. I believe that we use mathematics as a language as it is part of our daily lives. May it be when you're about to sleep…...
How to Become Stronger
Words • 1166
Pages • 5
In 7th grade, I remember kids fooling around in class and one of them threw a piece of paper across the room. Our teacher, Mr. P, saw it and became upset. 'Who threw that paper?' he asked and a few moments later, a hand shot up. It was one of my classmates—let's call him X— and he said, 'I'm sorry Mr. P, I won't do that again.' The events that had just unfolded fascinated the 11 year old me. I…...
MotivationProblem SolvingSociety
What is Monte Carlo Simulation?
Words • 188
Pages • 1
Monte Carlo simulation is a computerized mathematical technique that models the estimates of various outcomes in a problem that cannot be predicted due to the interference of random variables Monte Carlo method is used so that the risk and the uncertainty in prediction can be understood (Kenton, 2019). Since 1970, the Monte Carlo method is used to solve problems in the field of radiotherapy dosimetry with its applications ranging from the calculation of dosimetric quantities to simulating radiotherapy treatment planning…...
Tribunal Definition and Meaning
Words • 940
Pages • 4
The term "tribunal" is used extensively in administrative law and applies only to adjudicatory bodies outside of the scope of the traditional judicial system. In India the judiciary, legally, is granted authority over the courts aimed at safeguarding individual rights and ensuring justice. Such jurisdictions are thus delegated to the administrative authorities to develop an effective judicial system with less complications and to construct administrative courts or administrative adjudicatory bodies with almost judicial characteristics. History of Tribunalisation The notion of…...
Words • 390
Pages • 2
According to Dourda, K., Bratitsis, T., Griva, E. & Papadopoulou P. (2014). Using game-based concept when teaching foreign language helps them to explain easier. And it helps to improve the vocabulary, motivation, and collaboration of the participants.According to Scoular, C., Care, E., and Awwal, N. (2017). Behavior of the players may affect if they are being interupt and if they experience problem in when they are in gameAccording to Ru?i?-Baf, M., Strnak, H., and Debeljuh, A. (2016). Males are more…...
EducationProblem SolvingPsychologySkills
English as a Global Language: What are ‘Kachru’s Three Circles of English’?
Words • 1999
Pages • 8
Brad Kachru identified countries making up what is now known as 'the Inner, Outer and Expanding circles' (U214, 2012a, p.29), demonstrating how English is used globally. Kachru also categorised five main countries that show where English is primarily the means of communication. Inner circle English is characterised by the various functions and use when spoken or as a written format. English would be normally used within social and formal practices and across media platforms, but most importantly within education. It is…...
CircleEnglishEnglish The Global LanguageLanguage
Triangle Desire and Homosocial Bond in Sherlock Holmes
Words • 2073
Pages • 9
Triangle Desire and Homosocial Bond When talking of triangle desire, one needs to know that desires of individuals are rather simple in that it only needs a subject and object. As one's desires becomes increasingly more complex a mediator appears and the triangle is complete. This is at least what Mr Girard's theory states. So, Mr Girard's theory in its essence has three components, the mediator, Mr Holmes in this case, the subject Dr Watson and the object which is…...
Market Basket Analysis System
Words • 979
Pages • 4
Market Basket Analysis is one of the key systems utilized by vast retailers to reveal relationship between things. It works by searching for blends of things that happen together as often as possible in exchanges. To put it another way, it enables retailers to distinguish connections between the things that individuals purchase. There are two fundamental kinds of MBA: Prescient MBA is utilized to group inner circles of thing buys, occasions and administrations that generally happen in arrangement. Differential MBA…...
Cockroaches: Insect Repellents
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
Introduction Insect repellant is an alternative to the use of insecticides. They may be applied to skin to protect an individual from the bite. Cockroaches are common problems in homes all around the world but what's the best way to get rid of cockroaches? Cockroaches are attracted to garbage food and other compost items. They breed quickly and spread from one home to another nearby. This is common in apartment buildings. Human beings are surrounded with a lot of species…...
AnimalFoodFruitProblem Solving
The Golden Circle
Words • 536
Pages • 3
In this Ted talk video, speaker Simon Sinek talk about however the globe worked and what's the pattern that is being followed by all the great inspiring leaders likewise as organizations within the whole world. consistent with Simon Sinek's analysis each single successful person or organization has its own pattern that Simon call "The golden circle". All the great inspiring leaders and organizations as an example Apple or Martin Luther King or the White brothers, all of them initial think…...
Solving TWT Problems Math
Words • 560
Pages • 3
2.1. Objective to Minimize TWT Monch (2008) presented an efficient method to solve unrelated parallel machine total weighted tardiness (TWT) scheduling problems. He applied an ant colony optimization (ACO) approach as a heuristic to solve this NP hard problem. A colony of artificial ants is used to construct iteratively solutions of the scheduling problem using artificial pheromone trails and heuristic information. For the computation of the heuristic information, he used the Apparent Tardiness Cost (ATC) dispatching rule. He additionally improved…...
Tools for Increasing Productivity
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
Abstract We are working on a problem which is faced by people in their daily life for getting basic services on time. As a part of the solution we are providing an application which allows user to book any kind of services from home and can enjoy them at their doorstep in real time. Our main motive of project is to help people in getting home services easily at their doorstep without facing difficulty. This would help people save their…...
ArtDesignEngineeringProblem SolvingScienceVisual Arts
The Importance of Maths
Words • 1939
Pages • 8
Introduction Nowadays, it seems natural that the vast majority of individuals of our society knows little or even nothing about mathematics. Actually, mathematics is one of the first subjects that has to be covered by college students, however, it's common that these students just take this subject in a light way. The reason of this situation relies on the lack of knowledge about the huge importance this subject has on their lives and careers. Between the careers in which mathematics…...
Visual Inspection Geometric Survey and 3D Laser Scanning
Words • 389
Pages • 2
Biological attack was visible on the belfry and was made of vegetation growth, mould and insect colonization. This was the main reason of the restoration intervention on the bell tower. However, during cleaning and recovery operations deep and wide cracks were detected on the belfry of the bell tower. Many bricks of gray tuff of various sizes that cover the outside of the belfry had clearly undergone detachment (Fig. 5). Only the belfry showed widespread cracks while there was no…...
5 Preparation of evacuation plans early warning systems and
Words • 654
Pages • 3
5. Preparation of evacuation plans, early warning systems and educating public and officials about emergency systems in place to avoid life and property loss during flooding.6. Public vacant lands need to be protected by fencing and day to day monitoring; if encouraged to squat, ULB losses valuable land and creates slum conditions in the area.7. The beach and Salt Creeks can be developed as they both have a great potential to attract not only local but also international tourists, thus…...
MathPovertyProblem SolvingResearchWar
Teen Brain: Behavior, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
Words • 1353
Pages • 6
The fact Gloria's son is a teenager makes him have a teenage brain. His prefrontal cortex gaps behind his emotional limbic system and so he has puberty emotional surges due to his developing limbic system. Teenagers usually struggle with the ability to understand essential decision-making skills and consideration of the outcomes of their actions because of their incompletely developed prefrontal cortexes. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that a person uses in decision making. Therefore, its incomplete…...
BehaviorBrainDecision MakingMindsetProblem Solving
Flow Pulsation Mathematical Description
Words • 604
Pages • 3
  In order to determine the flow pulsation in terms of objective mathematical variables, one can start from qin?qout = V b ¶ p ¶t + ¶V ¶t (1) Assuming the material body of the pump is rigid, one can set ¶V ¶t = 0, so one can rewrite 1, to the following Dq = V b ¶ p ¶t (2) Using chain rule, one can write ¶ p ¶t = ¶ p ¶q ¶q ¶t , and flow is noted per…...
Line Balancing Provide
Words • 728
Pages • 3
Abstract The advantages of assembly line balancing provide in knowledge is well known and it is one of the most important topics in literature. There are many ways to solve the assembly line balancing problem, one of the techniques that frequently used in assembly line balancing is a simulation approach. In this paper, the power converter assembly line consists of 27 major tasks that are assigned to 19 workstations is studied. The line balancing problem is solved by using two…...
ActivityProblem SolvingWork
The Concept of Infinity
Words • 797
Pages • 4
The concept of infinity is fundamentally incomprehensible. The existentialists had begun to lose their minds trying to label how impossible it is to fully understand reality, until they took a step back, and settled to label everything that gave them a headache with just one word: "infinite." How easy it is to think, figured the philosophers, "reality is infinite," rather than try to visualize the endless expanse of space that lies all around us in every direction. How unimaginable it…...
EmotionMathMindProblem Solving
What being a Petrolhead means
Words • 652
Pages • 3
I remember the first time I held a steering wheel and the gear stick of my brother's car. The loud noise of the exhaust and the addicting smell of burning petrol and oil were unbelievably addictive. Ever since, I found myself stepping into the "Petrolhead Community." It came about that there was a chance to prove my love for cars during my high school years. The way that the engine works with many details impressed me. I did not observe…...
Learning Mathematics or Math as they call is not easy DP
Words • 2632
Pages • 11
Learning Mathematics or "Math" as they call is not easy. D.P. Bryant (2009) states that educators and researchers are beginning to pay more attention to the notion that some students have difficulty learning math skills and concepts taught in today's classrooms. It is important for school personnel and parents to work together to identify math problems when they arise and to address them both at school and home. Identifying and addressing math difficulties in the early grades can potentially prevent…...
Quadratic Equation
Words • 1300
Pages • 6
Complex numbers are the subsets of the set of the real numbers and the set of the imaginary numbers. It is expressed in the form of a+bi. I have chosen this topic as this itself speaks about complex and I have taken this as a challenge as I got always less marks in exams in this topic complex numbers only and I want to improve my weak point. So, I have chosen this as my exploration question as a challenge…...
Words • 1952
Pages • 8
5.4 Debt to Capitalization Ratio Debt to capitalization ratio is equal to total long term debts divided by total capitalization. Total capitalization= Total long term debts + Shareholder's Equity Debt to Capitalization Ratio= Long Term Debts/ Long Term Debts + Shareholder'sEquity Interpretation It can be defined as how much adequate our benefits are in recovering the aggregate ratio. The ratio of the organization has stayed stable relatively throughout the most recent three years as indicated plainly by the above counts.…...
32 TRANSFORM DOMAINTransform domain is a mathematical procedure
Words • 1826
Pages • 8
TRANSFORM DOMAIN Transform domain is a mathematical procedure done over data (image files or music files) that converts it from one domain (for example time) to another (say frequency), generally performing Fourier's or Laplace's Transforms. In this domain the data can be handled much easily in cases of lossy compression, de-noising, sharpening, etc. After editing the data is transformed back to its original domain. DCT Steganography The discrete cosine transform (DCT) is closely related to Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) but…...
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Words • 583
Pages • 3
Many factors revealed in this documentary show how different things would have been if the authorities had listened to the working class. This was a misfortune that could have been avoided. Many souls and generations could have been saved, if the necessary safeguard and security measures had been taken. But wait, we are referring to the 1900s, when the Gilded Age was still on, and prosperity was only given to people of high social class, rich people, white men; while…...
Linear and Non-linear Equations
Words • 624
Pages • 3
University of the people This week's reading assignment has given me another opportunity to explore about linear and non-linear equations. In fact, the reflection of this week's reading assignment shows that the problems I encountered last week has continually minimized drastically due to the lecture videos I watched on Khan Academy website and the other websites disclosed by Dr. B below: MIT's open courseware: When I started this week's reading assignment, it was a bit difficult so I switch to…...
Linear Equations
Math In Everyday Life
Words • 543
Pages • 3
My math skills weren't always so great, I've always struggled in school and failed so many times but still didn't give up. The years I have been in school learning math I was good at solving Equations, Functions, Pythagorean theorem, and Complex numbers. Since it's been awhile when I took a math course, I forgot how to solve problems. Taking this class is helping me understand quite a bit. I'm the type of person that needs to be taught a…...
Problem Solving in Business
Words • 2455
Pages • 10
PART A SECTION 1 PROBLEM SOLVING ANALYSIS AND PROCESS Answer 1 A. One common situation that I have faced at my workplace was Poor Communication between manager and customers. Poor Communication can only occur due to lack of understanding. As in the country like New Zealand this is the common issue because it is a multicultural country. Sometimes people fail to convince and make other people understand what exactly the situation is, and a big mess occurred. So, sometimes team…...
BusinessProblem Solving
Techniques for Collecting and Analyzing Fingerprints
Words • 745
Pages • 3
COMPOSITES A composite print happens when mix of any of the over three classes are found in a similar print. It is characterized as a mix of various examples together. They're subdivided as:- Central Pocket circle:  This example joins highlights of circle and whorl. Most of edges have appearance of circle however in which one a greater amount of edge re curves about the centre framing a pocket. Double loop:  This example is a blend of two circles through and…...
Use of Mathematics’ Intuitionistic Fluffy Advancement
Words • 808
Pages • 4
Intuitionistic Fluffy Advancement Angelov [2] has built up a strategy of enhancement which is an expansion of fluffy improvement and one of the use of IF sets. The new system is famously known as intuitionistic fluffy improvement which not just considered level of delay is additionally taken into contemplations. One of the principle objective just as the primary preferred standpoint of intuitionistic fluffy advancement is that it fulfills the destinations having greater degree than typical fluffy enhancement issue. Various starters…...
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How to Become Stronger
...As we speak up, we must realize that there will be obstacles in the way. The people we accuse will defend themselves aggressively and call us liars. We will be slandered and charged with treachery. But I believe a few accusations and a little bit of ...
What is Monte Carlo Simulation?
...In every situation the characteristics of the energy, position and direction of the particles that reach a detector or a patient's organ can be determined allowing the calculation of dosimetric quantities such as absorbed dose and fluence (Andreo, 20...
English as a Global Language: What are ‘Kachru’s Three Circles of English’?
...What is clearly evident from using the English literary canon on countries that it influenced is the growing positive cultural identities from the Celtic cultures that have been in contact with the English language during the last two hundred years. ...
What being a Petrolhead means
...Being a Petrolhead does not necessarily mean being a car enthusiast. In fact, being a Petrolhead means being a stubborn person, who seeks to finish his project as soon as possible. Sometimes we make simple mistakes that have a tremendous impact, whet...
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