Materials Equipment Essay

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Materials Equipment

Board games are generally constructed, using several specialized materials uniquely produced to adhere to the game specifications Guzzle the Globe and the branding of Hasbro before it is manufactured and distributed to the market. The specific materials and the equipments to be used for this project are as follows: The Game Board Hasbro has been known out of its quality and highly creative game designs. Thus the board used in the game is rectangular in shape and standard in size. This is because Hasbro consistently adheres to the standardized retailers desired game board sizes as it dictates the spaces in the retail shelves.

The equipments used for the specialized cardboard for this game are the cutter and horizontal and vertical presses that can manage to cut and print the design of the game board. The Metal Tokens Hasbro figured that since the demographic of the game board are early adult patrons, then the players should be represented by tokens which materials are mature, intricate, and striking rather than using ordinary wooden materials which are utilized in games that are for children; usually used out of safety purposes. The materials developed for these tokens are four different metallic figures; each of which are characters known to be drunkards.

Hasbro uses specialized molder equipment for these tokens. The Question Card Deck The question cards are made out of ordinary card material used for playing cards. Hasbro manufactures a thin plastic material for this kind of deck which allows printing in both of its sides. The cards are printed with vertical and horizontal pressing equipments for the design and texts of the card at both of its sides and are cut with cutting equipments at a size of 2” X 3”. The Dice Guzzle the Globe uses pair of six-sided cubic dice for the game. Just like any other dice, the use of plastic as its component has been universally accepted.

The Game Box The game box stores all the game elements. The exterior of the box is made out of a thick board which is printed by a press with Guzzle the Globe brand designs. The interior has deeper boxes which are made out of thinner boards that are folded for the fitting of each game element; the game board, the metal token, the question card deck and the dice. Personnel The team assigned for the success of this project is subdivided into different highly effective and functional groups: Manufacturers, Public Relations, Graphic Designers, Marketing, and Sales. Manufacturers

The Manufacturing personnel are generally in charge of the overseeing the very production of the product and the machines and the tools which produces it. The team is tasked to manufacture a product that meets the standards of Hasbro. Also, this team is in charge of meeting the specifications that the game dictates with utmost quality. Public Relations The Public Relations Officers are in charge of bringing the product to the knowledge of major actors that will aid in the profitability of Guzzle the Globe. They are generally tasked to conduct communication channels between employees of the company, the media, investors, etc. Graphic Designers

The Graphic Designing team creates the layout, design, and the blueprint of the entire game; from the box design, the board, the deck of cards, and even the design of the tokens. They are tasked to adhere to the design theme of the branding of Hasbro yet create unique designs that will bring Guzzle the Globe its definitive style. Marketing The Marketing personnel is generally in charge of going out into the market and making Guzzle the Globe known and liked by the public, especially its demographics. Marketing shall enforce research activities, and conduct creative means to establish customer reception that will bring profit to Hasbro. Sales

Sales Representative makes the final deal. They establish connections with retailers and sell the product to them until the deal is made final. Credentials Hasbro, Inc. has been leading the industry in children’s and family leisure time services and products. It has a wide variety of brands that ultimately makes its portfolio one of the most recognizable play and experiences in the global scale. Due to the nature of Hasbro’s brand-driven focus, it has brought different well-regarded products; whether traditional, digital, or high-tech and has been leading the pack with brand names that have been turned into household named toy products.

Facilities Hasbro is committed to its corporate social responsibility of keeping our environment at peace. Thus, Hasbro facilities have been conducting bi-annual auditing of all its waste and recyclable materials through our Waste Vendor Audit Program. Also, Hasbro have received proper certification to prove that Hasbro Facilities adheres to the standards of quality environment management systems. The manufacturing facility of Hasbro is currently located into different sites around the world, providing retailer manufacturing jobs for thousands of employees globally.

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