The Different Types of Modern Roofing
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Pages • 2
Asbestos, typically in fused crenellated boards, has been used extensively in the 20th period as a cheap, non-flammable tiling physical with outstanding cloistering possessions. Fitness and legal subjects complicated in the withdrawal and management of asbestos food stuffs earnings that it is no lengthier used as a novel guttering substantial. Though, many asbestos roofs linger to exist, mainly in South America and Asia. Roofs complete of cut pasture (contemporary ones recognized as Green roofs, outmoded ones as sod roofs) have…...
Synthesis of Nylon
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Pages • 1
Nylon is a polymer which contains an amide group regularly interspersed along the repeat units of the polymer chain. Nylon 6/6 is the most common type of Nylon, it contains an amide group after every 6 carbon atom.  Due to the presence of the amide group the Nylon polymer is highly polar in nature, and due to its high polarity Nylon acquires a crystalline structure.  The sequence of atoms as shown in the diagram repeats over and over hundreds of…...
Stained Concrete Great Alternative to Dreary Floors
Words • 441
Pages • 2
Gone are the days when you have to carpet your floors to hide the boring looks. Here’s a new idea for home design that gives an impressive appearance along with changing your previous dull floors into beautiful concrete floors. And it’s the technique of staining concrete that has started to gain popularity nowadays. This has nothing to do with tiling or using some other flooring materials for a new amazing look. Just by staining the concrete that’s already there, you…...
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Silk and Cashmere /Ay?en Zamanpur
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Pages • 7
Introduction Silk & Cashmere is a Turkish brand, which figured out the worldwide tendencies considerably well, amalgamated the opportunities and possibilities with vulnerabilities and restraints of the business and observing a market niche at the right time, formed a joint venture abroad in 1992 subsequent to proper assessment, and now progressing with resolute steps to be a world brand. Aysen Zamanpur Founder & CEO, Silk and Cashmere Aysen Zamanpur was graduated from Robert College and then Bogazici University Management School.…...
Shower Wall Tiles
Words • 449
Pages • 2
There is another more practical reason to use the bathroom tiles different. Ceramic tiles work best for walls, earth, because they can be slippery when wet. Porcelain tiles are great because they are so durable and can withstand years of wear and is unlikely to fade. A simple trick to make your shower seem larger is to use ceramic tiles that are larger in size. This works fine as long as your shower is not too small. The best thing…...
Process Analysis: Natural Diamond Formation
Words • 1430
Pages • 6
Introduction "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without" (Confucius 1). It is a common belief in today’s day and age that it is better to be something of value that is flawed than to be something of no value that has no flaws. Diamonds are formed from pure carbon, which is one of the most abundant elements on planet Earth, and makes up about 18% of the human body. In fact, all life on earth is carbon…...
Investigation into the U-Values of Different Materials
Words • 1415
Pages • 6
The aim of this investigation is to compare the U-values given off by conductors of different materials. The U-value for any specified heat conductor is the heat energy lost per second through the conductor per square metre when there is a temperature difference of 1�c between its surfaces. FAIR TEST: * I must have equal amounts of water in each container. - This ensures the same amount of water will be heated up. To do this I will need to…...
Investigating the promotional techniques and materials used by Bristol Zoo
Words • 1000
Pages • 4
Techniques Bristol Zoo is not only targeting local people but people from further away as well. They do this well with the techniques that they use for advertising the zoo. Customers start off coming from Bristol and it expands to Avon and Somerset to an even wider range. Advertising Bristol Zoo uses press releases for advertising new events going on at the zoo and new animals that may have been added. They have a website, leaflets and the most common…...
To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied
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Pages • 5
Aim: To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied. What I know: In the 1660s Robert Hooke investigated how springs and wires stretched when loads were applied. He found out that for many materials, the extension and load were in proportion provided the elastic limit was not exceeded. Materials can be compressed as well as stretched. If a material is stretched but springs back to its original shape they are known as elastic. However…...
Filtration of incompressible materials
Words • 2082
Pages • 8
Filtration involves the production of a porous bed of particles through which the suspending medium flows. It therefore involves flow through a porous medium whose thickness (and other properties) change with throughput. As particles forming the bed (or cake) are usually small and flow velocities low, the regime is usually streamline. The superficial flow velocity (uc) is therefore well represented by application of the Kozeny's equation:- Where A is the total cross sectional area of the cake V is the…...
Employee Material and Non-Material Motivation
Words • 452
Pages • 2
We will introduce the series of work stimuli and contests, and all sales teams will be encouraged to participate in them. We will introduce individual and team contests, with appropriate material and non-material rewards. We will gather customer feedbacks, to evaluate the quality of customer service in each store (each sales team). The best teams will be offered discounts, free products from Mario Badescu, or an opportunity to have a paid day off work. The best performers will be offered…...
Dental Materials
Words • 1892
Pages • 7
------------------------------------------------- DENTAL • MATERIALS * Study of physical and chemical properties of the metallic and non-metallic materials used in dentistry OBJECTIVES 1. In order to know the basic physical and chemical properties as they are related to its manipulation by the dentist. 2. To bridge the gap between the knowledge obtained in the basic courses like chemistry, physics and its relation… Physical properties: hardness, strength, brittleness Chemical properties: composition, ingredients * Most of dental materials used are solids, liquids, and…...
Machine Material Selection
Words • 2266
Pages • 9
Any product's cost and efficiency depends on its production machine's cost and efficiency. The filling machine's cost and efficiency depend on the machine's physical design and the materials used to produce the machine. The material selection process with the objective of maximizing the efficiency and reducing the cost of a filling machine should follow the following steps: Identify the design requirements The design requirements include the following items: Performance requirements Reliability requirements Size, shape, and mass requirements Cost requirements Manufacturing…...
Material Synthesis Solubility
Words • 859
Pages • 4
2.2 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE 2.2.1 Material Synthesis, Solubility and Crystal Growth The title compound of BTPCA was synthesized from commercially available 1H-1,2,3 Benzotriazole (C6H5N3) (Spectrochem, AR grade, purity 99%) and pyridine-2-carboxylic acid (C6H5NO2) (Spectrochem, AR grade, purity 99%). The amounts of raw materials in equimolar ratio were dissolved in 100 ml of methanol and prepared solution was stirred well for 6h using a motorized magnetic stirrer to get homogeneous mixture. The chemical reaction for BTPCA compound is given in Figure 2.1.…...
Construction Materials’ Properties
Words • 940
Pages • 4
Hooke's law is the elastic limit of a solid so this is the stress/strain of the buildings weight. Young's Modulus of elasticity This where a mechanical property's that measures the stiffness of a solid material. It defines the strain and stress on the material. He said the compression only goes one way. With a metal bar it could be stretched and compressed and it will still be the same length. Key properties of construction materials All of the materials have…...
localized listening materials in English classroom instruction
Words • 1870
Pages • 7
Localized Listening MaterialAs global market expand and distance education becomes more prevalent, higher education institutions will be competing for the students from all over the world. Those establishment that implement globalization, internalization, and localization into curriculum and the design of instructional materials will be successful in the changing market Barjesteh (2016).UNESCO (2002) noted, localization of the curriculum can allow learning to become more meaningful and relevant. It supports policy formulation and standard setting for reform of curriculum and the impact…...
Grouting Materials
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Pages • 2
Grouting is a procedure that involves grout injection into voids, fractures, and cavities in rock mass in order to improve their strength and durability, to reduce permeability. Grout can divide  in to three categories by material wise such as Cement-based grout- is the most common type of grout and the least expensive, commonly ordinary Portland cement is applicate widely, clay grout - bentonite slurry is applicable in geotechnical application for the retaining the structure, chemical grout - which special ability…...
Concrete As A Very Efficient Building Material
Words • 1156
Pages • 5
Concrete is one of those technologies that has been used for centuries- first by Romans- and then had to invent again centuries later in England. Throughout its evolution in the modern era, it has served to shelter humans, livestock, machine, etc. Concrete has been used as a very efficient building material for its high compressive strength, good durability, and low cost. However, it's well-known Achilles' heel is its brittle nature and limited tensile strength. This shortcoming was solved quite handily…...
MATERIALS a AmniSure ROM Kit in thwart pocket with desiccant ?
Words • 651
Pages • 3
MATERIALS:a. AmniSure ROM Kit in thwart pocket with desiccant? Sterile polyester swab (provided in unit)? Plastic vial with dissolvable (provided in unit; contains 0.9% sodium chloride, 0.01% triton x 100, 0.01 NaN3)? Test strip (provided in unit)b. Clockc. Test Rackd. Store units in dry area at room temperature 4-20?.e. Units might be utilized until printed lapse date.f. When Test Strip is expelled from thwart pocket, it must be utilized inside 6 hours.2.4.2. Fetal fibronectinThe strongstep® fFN test utilizes shading immunochromatographic…...
Sun based photovoltaic energy photovoltaic PV materials utilize
Words • 1952
Pages • 8
Sun based photovoltaic energy photovoltaic (PV) materials utilize the sun's energy to process power Also Hence bring about none of the greenhouse or corrosive gas outflows connected with power produced by the burning of fossil fills. The measure about sun oriented energy arriving at the world every year may be large portions times more amazing over around the world energy demand, despite it varies with location, the long haul for day, and the season. Daylight will be additionally a generally…...
fiveeight illness Detection in material using picture
Words • 455
Pages • 2
five.eight illness Detection in material using picture Processing methodcreator : Shalaka Subhash Patil & Dr. V. T. GaikwadWe can not consider a international with out fabric. first rate manage is an critical feature within the textile employer. This paper proposes an method to understand fabric defects in textile agency for minimizing manufacturing charge and time because the artwork of inspectors could be very tedious and consumes time and price. Wastage reduction through correct and early diploma detection of defects in…...
Graphene:The Most Versatile Material in The World
Words • 444
Pages • 2
Over the past few years there have been occurring a lot of changes and innovations in politics, science, economy, mobile technology and other fields overall. In this article, I would like to discuss one of these innovations, the discovery in physics, which will thoroughly transform our world and improve our way of living. I want to tell you about the most versatile material in the world, the material which is only an atom thick - the graphene. Discovered in 2004…...
Plywood Material
Words • 760
Pages • 3
Plywood is a material made of three or more thin layers or plies of veneer which are peeled from debarked wood that are joined together with help of adhesive under pressure. Each layer of veneer is normally adjusted with its grain running at right angles to the adjacent layer to create cross- graining pattern in order to improve strength of final piece and reduce the possibility of shrinkage. Plywood outer layers are known as face and back. Plywood is mainly…...
Improving EFL Students’ Writing Skills Through Novel as Reading Material I Introduction Writing
Words • 1945
Pages • 8
Improving EFL Students' Writing Skills Through Novel as Reading Material I. Introduction Writing is one of the central pillars of language learning (Ariana, 2010). Someone will have a clarity and ease in communicate their message to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations if they can writing well. (Felix, 2018). Especially for EFL student, the purpose of learning a foreign language is to improve the learner's four skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading ) to achieve the…...
hookes law is when a load is forced upon a material to
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Pages • 4
hookes law is when a load is forced upon a material to make it longer or shorter. the length can increase or decrease in the same ratio as the load is increased. there is a relationship between load and stress but there is also one between change in length or strain. with elastic materials the stress which stretches the material and the strain which is the base of the material have a relationship which causes it to be constant in…...
Experiment on Material Selection to Avoid Corrosion
Words • 1594
Pages • 6
Summary of the Paper This introduction is about corrosion and we have covered this topic in the corrosion introduction and cost of corrosion in chemical and Process industries. Here we have highlighted the facts of Corrosion and its effects. corrosion is defined as a chemical reaction between the metal and its environment due to the presence of oxygen. Due to increase in temperature of all around the globe, it has started to diminish then natural resources of the world, so…...
localized listening materials in English classroom instruction for fourth graders
Words • 1980
Pages • 8
Listening Comprehension Listening comprehension is the most forgotten skills in second language learning, because the listening was paid the least attention of the four language skills. This neglect gets the fact that the teachers do not spend more time on students' listening and look for ways of improving students' listening skills. Unfortunately, it is supposed that listening comprehension is a passive activity, but on the contrary, it is an active process because people cannot develop oral skills if the speaker…...
An Effective Technique and Material in Learning English
Words • 764
Pages • 3
An Effective Technique and Material in Learning English English has an important role in many aspects of life. This statement leads us to the reason of why this language should be taught in schools. In Indonesia, English is used as the first foreign language that should be learned by the students even from elementary school until university. In using the language, there are many elements that have to be mastered, covering reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Song refer to a…...
Bill of Materials and Cost Estimate Sample
Words • 181
Pages • 1
Total: 201,810 Pesos| B. FOOTINGS, COLUMNS AND BEAMS Item Description| Quantity| Unit| Unit Cost (Pesos)| Total Cost| 1. Albay Sand| 71| m3| 380| 26,980| 2. Coarse Aggregate| 141| m3| 850| 119,850| 3. Portland CementAlbay Sand| very small| m3| ---| ---| 20. Portland Cement| 1| pc| 230| 230| 21. Labor Cost (30%)| ---| ---| ---| 42,117| 22. Indirect Cost (10%)| ---| ---| ---| 14,039| Total: 196,542 Pesos| K. ELECTRICAL WORKS Item Description| Quantity| Unit| Unit Cost (Pesos)| Total Cost| 1. Panel…...
Case Study Material
Words • 263
Pages • 1
Herman Miller Company is looking to adopt the cradle-to cradle (C2C) design protocol. This design is to create a closed-loop product life cycles. Herman Miller Company should not use PVC in the construction of the Mirra chair. An alternative material thermoplastic urethane (TPU) has been identified as an alternative. TPU is a viable alternative that goes along with the “green” publicity the company was getting for the Mirra chair. The first step that needs to take place is to talk…...
Development and evaluation of instructional materials in mathematics
Words • 295
Pages • 2
Instructional materials are used to help transfer information and skills to others. These are used in teaching at places like schools, colleges and universities. These can include textbooks, films, audio, and more. Instructional materials are the tools teachers use to teach their students. The effectiveness of instructional materials matters in the classroom since students have different learning styles. For major instructional materials, they must be reviewed by a committee. If it is approved, then the materials are adopted into the…...
Evolution of building materials
Words • 861
Pages • 4
In chapter 12 we explore the artistic development in Architecture. When conceptualizing a building architects incorporate three things: function, form, and structure. Function is how the building will be used, form is how the building looks, and structures is how the building remains standing. Architects need to design structures that hold up under any combination of three physical forces; compression, tension, and bending. To days architects have a plethora of materials at their isposal, they benefit from the evolution of…...
Words • 398
Pages • 2
In the early 1900s, European settlers in South Africa created a policy of embargoes and trade sanctions. a system of segregation that split society. a plan of sabotage against the government. a style of government based on democracy. a system of segregation that split society. The African National Congress was founded to draft a constitution and establish a policy of apartheid. unite non-white South Africans and further their cause. help relocate certain citizens to South African homelands. set up National…...
Evaluation of Instructional Materials for Teaching
Words • 784
Pages • 3
Intro As an instructor, it is your duty not just to teach but to guarantee that the students are discovering and you need to produce an active and encouraging finding out experience for the students. The Worldwide web gives options of wide range of instructional resources that you could use as your teaching tool. In choosing instructional materials, the instructor needs to think about not just its schedule or the ease of usage but more on its learning results. An…...
Electrical Conductors vs Insulators
Words • 1256
Pages • 5
Every thing in the world is differentiable on the basis of its electrical conductance. Some things are called insulators and these substances never conduct electricity. they include things such as cold air,wood and plastic. Then there are things that conduct electricity and current flows through them, they are called conductors. examples of conductors are most metals like copper and steel. Other materials that are sometimes used as conductors are silver, gold, and aluminum. Copper is still the most popular material…...
Logic and Material Object
Words • 364
Pages • 2
Logic * Derived from the Greek word LOGOS which means primarily the word by which the inward thought is expressed and secondarily, the inward thought or reason itself (Baldemeca, et al.:1) * Generally defined as the science of the laws and principles which govern the reasoning process * The science and art of correct thinking. It is the study of the principles and laws that govern the process of reasoning and interferences, ensuring validity and truth of arguments Material and…...
Sensorial Materials an Essential Part of the Prepared Environment
Words • 1546
Pages • 6
Why are sensorial materials an essential part of the prepared environment and how does the sensorial materials assist the child in his explorations of the world? Undeniably sensorial materials play a prominent, positive and profound influence to help the child in his exploration of the world around. In the early nineteenth century, the British romantic poets also could visualize the significance and importance of sensuous sensibility of five senses. Dr. Montessori contributed in putting her ideas in practice. In the…...
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the Non-Material World
Words • 1746
Pages • 7
The Allegory of the Cave, a dialogue from the Republic written by Plato, is both an existing explanation and reliable representation of the growing and ever present ignorance to the enlightenment of the majority of humankind. This paper will present Plato’s meaning of enlightenment and how it is related to Plato’s Non-Material World. Plato’s brief background will also be highlighted including some assumptions on how and why he acquired such a world-changing insights leading to the creation of his dialogues.…...
The Significance of Indigenous Materials
Words • 3804
Pages • 14
Introduction Man, for a thousand of years, has inhabited all regions of the earth, from the most favorable terrain to places with the harshest of climates. Man has made great strides to master his natural environment instead of migrating to a more congenial and comfortable climate. His choice of building materials was dictated by what was locally available; ice in polar regions, sand and stone in dessert regions, timber and stone in temperate regions, timber and bamboo in tropical regions,…...
Material Resource Planning
Words • 591
Pages • 3
What is Material Requirement Planning (MRP)? Material Requirements Planning is actually a tool for planning; mainly aimed at assembling all operations in a production system, in order to enable the supplier know the materials required by every unit of production and the associated time limits (Waldner, 2011). After knowing the product units required, it becomes possible to use Material Requirements Planning, to determine the materials that will be needed in the production of such products. The calculations of the material…...
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To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied

...My prediction was correct. The graph shows that when more weight was added the length of the extension increased. The spring also started to become deformed when the mass gradually increased. The constant was also similar for all the weights. This pr...

hookes law is when a load is forced upon a material to

...hookes law is when a load is forced upon a material to make it longer or shorter. the length can increase or decrease in the same ratio as the load is increased. there is a relationship between load and stress but there is also one between change in ...
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