Mastering Physics Assignment 1 Essay

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Mastering Physics Assignment 1

1. History helps us understand people and societies because it provides an explanation of how and why people do what they do. The wars fought and laws passed all have reasons and those reasons are still relevant in modern day society. 2. History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be because it provides factual reasons why people are how they are and what they came from.

The different ways that people would live provide the foundation for the way we live today. 3. History contributes to moral understanding because of the different advances that people have made learning right from wrong has changed with each generation and I will continue to change as life goes on. 4. History provides identity to the great leaders who set precedents for everything we have today. History recognizes all the great things that have been accomplished. 5. Studying history is essential for good citizenship because if you are to live and take pride in the country you live in, you should be knowledgeable about your country and why things are the way they are today.

6. Some skills that a student can obtain while studying history are being able to look at things from a new perspective and to be able to relate things that happened a long time ago and relate them to events that occur in modern day society. 7. The ability to assess evidence is important because it provides factual evidence that provides proof that something did happen.

8. The ability to assess conflicting interpretations provides a debate where a common conclusion about something is attempted to be established even though it may not be reached, different perspectives on the topic are created therefor providing other people with more knowledge. 9. It is important to have experience in assessing past examples of change because you can use what happened in the past to try and predict the future. 10. History is important in a world of work because if you understand what happened in the past and why it happened you can relate it to events that are currently taking place or events that will happen in the future. 11. We should learn all different types of history to get a better understanding of why events happen and a well-rounded understanding. A wide range of history is important to learn

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