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Massacre of Arwal

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The massacre of Arwal is described by lots of as a post-independence Jallianwala Bagh, and justly so, in our viewpoint, say the 2 judges, while providing a blow account of the felony dedicated by the State versus the bad and landless in Arwal. The report on Arwal massacre was sent by the Indian Peoples Human Right Tribunal which came into presence on January 10,1987. 2 members of the Tribunal, Justic T. U. Mehta and Justice P. S. Potti explored the Arwal occurrence.

The y went to the location of the event and made on the area asks, they heard and recorded evidence from eyewitnesses to the occurrence and from the persons who had actually gone there immediately after the killings, consisting of reporters, political leaders, lawyers and other public perky individuals.

They held being in Patna, Delhi and Arwal where they invited the state government and its authorities to come to depose prior to them and to cross take a look at those who appeared as witnesses prior to them.

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The tribunal which started its operate in January 1987, formally sent its report on July30,1987. The report which is now available in print encounters 92 pages, and is a damning indictment of the Bihar Administration whose leaders and minios appear as a gang of criminals, liars, forgers and scams, who have no respects for any of the decencies and norms of civilized life.

In any civilized society where justice prevails and the guideline of law is practiced, all of them ought to have been serving life-terms.

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However in Bihar, where these dregs of society are in control of the state, they have actually prospered in criminalizing the entire state facility and in letting loose state violence versus the bad and the downtrodden with a brazenness that has couple of parallels in history.

The firing in our opinion in our opinion amounted to brutal murder of 21 valuable citizens of this country governed by the constitution which proudly speaks of protecting the lives of the citizens of the country and aims at establishing an equitable order through equality, fraternity and brotherhood which are obviously not empty platitudes of a political theorist. It is very distressing to find that in spite of the demand of respectable citizens of this country , journalists and various public organizations not interested in politics. the Government of Bihar has remained adamant in not ordering any judicial inquiry.

It appears tha5t a one man commission which was non-judicial was ordered to enquire into matter, but even the report of that commission is kept secret by the government. Such obduracy of a government with regard to such a vital question of public importance is something which can not imagined in loudy proclaiming that we are striving for an egalitarian society and working for the poor and the oppressed with a view to bring their life up he desired standards.

The report should be made to reach the widest possible audience in the country and abroad. One copy may also be sent to the jury for awarding the Nobel peace Prize since the newspapers in India report that India’s Prime Minister has recommended by some faceless characters for Nobel Peace Prize. The report would provide a lot of material to write the citation on the peace of the graveyards that Rajiv Gandhi and his Government of criminals were imposing in Bihar.

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Massacre of Arwal

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