Massacre Essay Topics

The Dark Night Of The Soul

The second part of this essay The Prince of Darkness talks about the differences between writers and how their type of writing can be either successful or not so much. Richard Tull, who is not successful, writes experimental novels that are not understandable. Gwyn Barry is successful and described as being boring and soulless. Writing… View Article

Banning the Guns

Banning guns on campus Concealed carry vs. colleges is a story about don’t allow guns in campus. The gun control and gun rights is becoming a more and more popular topic after few gun shooting tragedies happened in schools, people are starting to worry about the security in schools. This story is part of editorials… View Article

In the Lake of the Woods Essay

“In the Lake of the Woods” is a non-linear novel by Tim O’ Brien that consists of the themes trauma and insecurity. The protagonist of the text, John Wade is driven into insanity due to his fear of losing the love of his life, Kathy. Throughout the novel, john Wade’s secrets are exposed to the… View Article