Massachusetts Bay Colony vs Virginia colony Essay

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Massachusetts Bay Colony vs Virginia colony

In 16th and 17th century, England had particular group sent to the eastern coast of North America to two regions: Chesapeake and the New England. These two regions later became as one nation, but they it was not from the beginning they had equal thoughts. Because they were so different from the beginning, they had a perfect reason for their economy, society, and politic grow. The Virginia Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony attracted different types of settlers which grew nation’s population immensely. Also, religion was a huge part of people’s lives back in 16th, 17th century.

Most of the population was established with religious families, Puritans, Quakers, and Catholics. Massachusetts had a freedom of religion which brought much attention to religious people. Chesapeake had over flowing population with slaves. Chesapeake was developed with industries with cheap labor fees and cheap slaves. As a matter of fact, slave trading was one of the leading businesses Chesapeake had going. Both Colonies attracted people in different ways and had different ways to improve their economy and society. Major difference that caused them different if the way they worked their financial problems.

As I mentioned above, the economy of the Virginia Colony revolved with industrial business, especially tobacco. Of course, people who worked at industries were slaves so labor fees were not any sweat to the owners. Basically, Virginia Colony had a system of cycle which brought huge attention to rich people with making a lot of money. New England was generally generous. The economy of New England was based off fishing, crafting, and farming. The region was more like family oriented. Because religion was a huge matter to them and also they were not developed with industries.

Farms were large enough to feed a large size family. New England Colony was slow going but was steadily increasing with economy. Yet, their focus was not all into making money and growing economy. Clearly the Virgina Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony differed in many ways. Obiviously, these differences made different types of people and different types of society. Because there were so different from the start, they were able to enlarge their colony by attracting many people. They both fitted on any types of people who lived in 16th 17th century.

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