Mass media Essay Topics

The Construction of Women in Sports within the Mass Media

Recent studies involving the role of the mass media and gender, particularly within the realm of women’s sports has brought light upon one of the most disturbing issues in society today: the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in mass media. It can be concluded that female athletes, framed by the media as objects of sexuality,… View Article

The Influence Of Mass Media On Society

Part 1: Overview of the Study Illustration of the Issue             To illustrate the issue to be presented herein, it could be helpful to know what media actually is. Media has always been an important part of the everyday life of the society because it serves as an arbiter of the freedom of the people…. View Article

Impact of Media on Society’s Perception

Introduction Mass media has advanced in terms of its expanse of reach in terms of technological innovations in the last few decades. With such expansion, representations of array of layers of portrayals and illustrations in all fields from the media have also risen (Klapper, 1950).  The movie industry in the United States had been one… View Article

Mass Media and Entertainment

I’ll go ahead and say it: Neal Gabler’s “Life the Movie” makes valid points. Because of America’s dependence on technology-based media entertainment it is impossible not to interact with the distracting and alluring world of expressive communication. The world we live in today is sadly not the one that Henry David Thoreau was able to… View Article

The Use of Excessive Force by Police Officers

Abstract We are all familiar with the use of excessive force by today’s police departments as we are witness to it time and time again on our television sets, in the safety of our homes. We see the police dragging a helpless victim from their vehicle, throwing them to the ground and proceeding to beat… View Article

The Toulmin Model: “Wag the Dog”

Claim Wag the Dog (1997) portrays the manipulation of the public opinion by the mass media and untruthful and unfair political practices. Grounds/Support The movie showed political practices that used the power of media to protect themselves from destruction of their integrity and public trust (Hunter, 1). The president’s advisers and aides, experts manipulated public… View Article

Transantional Media

Introduction The media has played a very crucial role in the transformation of people, their culture and lifestyles world over. The media itself has been on constant revolution with some growing to become big multinational or transnational corporations. This growth and evolution has been necessitated by a few factors among them being: – The shifting… View Article

The current trends in mass media

Media for the people. Mass media is an ever changing entity, as we have observed over the past years. It has been very useful and has played a big role in the formation and extraction of the people’s opinion; it is also a way to reflect their ideas of many relevant issues. It has been… View Article

The power of tweens

Like no other time in history, the purchasing power of children ages nine to fourteen has increased to become a force to be reckoned with.  With celebrity tweens like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen paving the way into the massive tween audience, today it is the likes of Miley Cyrus who is well on her… View Article

The Violence Being Shown On TVs

It is believed that the tri-media, particularly the programs aired in TVs provide the strongest impacts to the behavior of its viewers. Teenagers, having been under the most sensitive and highly pressured stage of their lives, are easily affected by what they can watch on TVs. The violent tendencies, criminal and/or deviant behaviors of the… View Article

Anti-Social Behavior

Nowadays, the issue of anti-social behaviour and lack of respect for others is not uncommon.This is especially true among young people. There are mainly two causes of this phenomenon–the negative influence of mass media,the decline of the family and poverty. As the mass media become increasingly commercialized, program producers and publishers of books are more… View Article

Political Concepts

1) Mass Media as the `Fifth Branch` of government Definition: Mass Media is the fifth branch of government because it can shape public opinion and influence the national agenda. Importance: It is important because today’s media is so assertive and liable to such adversarial, negative reporting that they can be downright obstructive of government policy… View Article

James Thom’s “The Perfect Picture”

In James Thom’s extraordinary piece “The Perfect Picture” he writes about situations he was in at a one point of his life. He explains an experience he was in as a young police reporter and driving to a seen, where the grandfather back over this granddaughter. When he drives up he sees all the media… View Article

How Pop Culture Affects Teens

Popular culture is all around us and it influences many teens across the world. Teenagers are affected by pop culture in almost every aspect of life whether it is music, media, celebrities, fashion, and even literature. These kinds of things have become top priority for teenagers of today’s world. They have surrounded themselves by it… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

“The Collapse of Big Media: The Young and the Restless” was written by David T. Z. Mindich was former assignment editor at CNN, has placed his roots back into the show era, and published in Spring of 2005 as an article in a magazine, Wilson Quarterly. Mindich’s article spoke about the decline of reading newspapers… View Article

Local and Foreign Entertainment Appreciation

Our topic for research is about “Level of Appreciation of Filipino Teenagers between Foreign Entertainment and Local Entertainment in terms of Television Shows.” Nowadays, people have different ways of entertaining themselves. Entertainment consists of any activity affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement. Entertainment can be in passive such as watching movies or active forms such as… View Article

The Negative Impact of Conglomeration of Media Companies on Audiences

The word conglomeration is defined as the formation of a large company by the merging of separate and diverse small firms. Media conglomerate is a large company or corporation formed by merging of different small media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers, and internet. Big companies tend to buy out other smaller companies in the… View Article

Women in the Media in Kuwait

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country boarded on the east by the Arabian Gulf and slot in between Iraq and Saudi Arabia on the south and west. Kuwait became a fully independent country since 1961. Kuwait was the first Arab country in the Gulf to have an elected parliament. Women were not allowed to vote… View Article

Agents of Socialization

The way a person develops and forms his/her unique personality, norms and beliefs in socialization. Socialization is the process in which an individual learns to participate in a group, it’s obvious that different people will be different because not every person is raised under the exact circumstances. Many agents influence the way a person develops…. View Article

Feminism and Social Cognitive Theories

The goal in this individual assignment is to apply the social cognitive theory and feminist theories to contemporary media content and to compare and contrast different theoretical perspectives. Attached to this paper there will be a print advertisement specifically chosen to analyze how and whom these theories reflect on in new media today. After analyzing… View Article

How Does a Type of Media Shape the Future of a Given Society?

Any communications mass medium has three primary functions: to inform, to educate and to influence. These primary functions contribute in shaping a given society. In the context of community organizing, there is a triad of an ideal society. In order to develop a society, there must be justice, participation, and empowerment. At the heart of… View Article

Moral Standards in the 1960s-1970s

The English social activist Constance Mary Whitehouse was often renowned for her opposition to social liberalism and mainstream media, which she often claimed to be root cause of a more permissive society in Britain. Although, the extent to which we can deem this view valid is debatable. There is evidence leaning on both sides of… View Article

Hyper reality and Celebrity culture

Nowadays media and technology are growing as hard to predict. Affected to the social behavior, Human can’t recognize the truth; we confused by the hyper reality, we involuntarily to follow the system in our life. Hong Kong is a tiny city with flourishing information. The life style is the faster the better, it develop a… View Article

Media Function

For individual, the function of media can be thought of as the motives or reasons. Why individual use media products? They do that in order to feel satisfactions; they receive from the use of these products Herta Herzog 1944 She studied the motivation and gratification of radio soap opera listeners Her interest was to try… View Article

Engendered Mass Media

Mass media is a powerful socializing two-way tool wherein one engages in an inter-play: man views the world as reflected by the medium; in the process the medium gazes back with a modified reflection of what has been sent by the viewer. The process of gazing and reflecting creates a reality satiated with meanings ready… View Article

Mass Media Influence on the Society Proposal

In the last 50 years, the influence of the media on the society has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. Mass media is a major force in modern culture, particularly in America. All lot of times they refer to this as a mediated culture where media reflects and creates the culture. If you look… View Article

Transition from Print Media to New Media

New media has emerged from the print media. But its target audience is different from that of print media. Today, we have young readers getting attracted towards new media. This is because they feel that they really don’t need to waste their time reading when they could easily see or watch whatever they want to… View Article

Tylenol Murders

1. If Johnson & Johnson had decided to “tough out” the first reports of the deaths instead of recalling the product things would have gone differently for the company. Their customers would have felt like they were betrayed because the company didn’t do anything about the deaths. It was their job to make sure the… View Article

Against Media Censorship

* On television, music, and most websites, they inform the user about the contents of their website, song, or show; but others (like YouTube) put on age restrictions on them. * I’m sure most of you have had to go through these at some point in your life and have gotten upset when you can’t… View Article

Marshal Mcluhan

What he means with the phrase “the medium is the message” is simply that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, because the medium influences how the message is perceived and creates a symbiotic relationship between the two.  “Mass media”media itself, not the content it carries, should be the focus of study…. View Article